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How To Make Money From Pain And Suffering (And Lose Your Soul Along The Way)

Writing can be a cathartic experience. There have been numerous times where I have written something and found myself relieved, to the point of tears. It’s almost as if seeing the words come into existence, allows you to finally face things that you’ve consciously and subconsciously buried away in dark corners of your body and soul. 628 more words

Digital Culture 25 March 2015

During the second half of the lesson, I received feedback for the first draft of my essay. It went better than I thought, the second draft has to be handed in after Easter.

Digital Culture

Lamenting the lost era.

About a year ago, I lost all faith in the contemporary music industry and buried myself in the safety of past rock legends such as Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, and of course, The (beloved) Beatles. 800 more words

A Lenten Reflection on Suffering

Life is not nearly as sanitized as the photos and narratives that most of us post online. The most compelling illusion of the virtual world is that what we see is all there is. 631 more words

Lenten Reflections

Two Contrasting World Views: University Culture vs. Information Technology Culture

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. First, I attended the South by Southwest Education conference. Then, my college was off for Spring Break.

Interesting article about the contrast between the world views of the information technology sector versus the university culture.

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Ted Cruz's Ugly Website is a Metaphor for Democracy...or something like that.

Earlier today, Ted Cruz announced his 2016 presidential campaign—officially anyway. Before Cruz’s orchestrated announcement could be mocked in real time by way of one digital technology, the Cruz campaign was mocked for its seemingly underwhelming use of digital technology. 890 more words

Digital Culture

Being Digital - Nicholas Negroponte

Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte

Negroponte predicted some of the advancements in technology almost 30 years ago. He believed that computer technology would change the workplace, home, schools, television and film. 151 more words

Digital Culture