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Buzzfeed and the business of online naming

Less than a week ago, the US Supreme Court handed down their long-awaited decision to enact marriage equality in all of its 50 states, catalysing celebrations around the world. 1,521 more words

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4K Ultra HD monitor

Sharper is better. I just booked the last remaining unit of Samsung U28D590D, an Ultra HD, 4K monitor from the local PC store (a display unit) at nice, 320 euros price. 207 more words


Transmedia and Theatre: A good marriage? @NTlive @DigitalTheatre

What if theatre embraced Transmedia?

Working on my PhD research plan, I have found this text and thought it was heads on what I am defending in my research. 70 more words


The cruel reflective surface of Spotify ‘recommendations’

There has been much talk about music streaming services of late. On the whole, this is because famous people have begun talking about it. This talk is largely to promote particular services to which these famous people are affiliated in some way. 542 more words

Digital Culture

¡Techno Liberation!

Tech AND Liberation?! I just had to attend. To find myself successively disappointed and then engaged. 2,119 more words


nudity online: threat and performance

There are naked photos of me online.

They’re there because I put them there, for reasons ranging from explorations of my personal issues with body image to the particular brand of angry satisfaction I get scrawling feminist slogans across my naked body and forcing anyone who wants to objectify me to read those words. 1,231 more words

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Talk in London about Hybrid Playful Experiences

I will give a talk about “Hybrid Playful Experiences – Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide” this Wednesday in London, at the Innovations for the Benefit of Packaging and Commercial Printing event. 87 more words

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