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Remixing culture: digital cultures create communities

We had a look around us – almost everything we create is in some sort of way different, but not original. Do not get me wrong – I’m not saying there are original stuff out there, but we rarely get to see some completely new. 659 more words

Technology and Social Transformation

Technology and Social Transformation

Communication and Virtual Communities

I will be researching how the changes in technology have influenced the way people communicate personally (texting, BBM, Whats app, Viber and on social networking sites (Facebook,twitter and chat rooms). 150 more words

Digital Culture

Call for Papers "Standards, Disruptions and Values in Digital Culture and Communication"

The Digital Culture and Communication Section in ECREA will be hosting the next workshop on “Standards, Disruptions and Values in Digital Culture and Communication” at the University of Salzburg, 26-28 November, 2015. 1,084 more words

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Digital Culture 25 Feb 2015

One of our tasks was group based, we were given a topic to discuss the good and bad side of (ie. Technology and Social Communication), in total there were 6 groups including the one I worked with. 76 more words

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Converged Culture in the Digital Age

Our newest topic in media criticism is “convergence culture”. We have been asked to describe this term coined by Henry Jenkins, the author of, … 1,047 more words

Media Criticism

Updates 25/02/15

Due to stress I have been neglecting work in general and I have to get back to it so that is what I am doing now. 131 more words

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The Lisson Gallery is exhibiting New York artist Tony Ourslers work. This is his first exhibition in over five years in the UK.

This exhibition is about using technology (algorithms that are used to scan people at airports etc) to portray his sculputres showing his interest and exploration about facial recognition and continues with his theme of humanist artwork. 282 more words

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