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Here are a few tweets said by people who have either participate in theatre or go to support people in theatre. It is a very important to have people in the crowd supporting others on stage as it shows respect to one another.

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Your Turn!

Imagine that you have to memorize this dialogue taken from Caryl Churchill’s script ‘ Love and Information’. The paragraph below is one of the 52 scripts she wrote. 560 more words

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Letting them lead ... me to reddit

This week I let a couple of my students present a lesson on reddit. This came about when I asked a couple weeks ago what else they’d like to learn in the digital communications class they’d unwittingly found themselves in at the beginning of the semester. 538 more words


Show Time!

You’re sitting in a theatre watching a newly established play, a situation occurs and the main character learns that a beloved family member has died, a feeling of sorrow and compassion begins to arise in the middle of your chest as you feel empathetic towards what has occurred.  295 more words

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The Boss

Before talking about the exciting moments that follow on stage, it’s best that I talk about what goes behind the curtains. As every book has an author and every painting has an artist, just like every performance has a director.  205 more words

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Read, repeat, Read, repeat!

One of the things I idolize is the effort that actors/actresses put in to memorize their lines. Not only do they have to remember lines but also the pauses, full stops, emotions, tone of voice, body position, facial expressions. 50 more words

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A known inquiry that I gather from performances that I have seen is always “Who designed the costumes?” If you were placed on stage in regular clothes that you wear around, would you feel completely out of character? 256 more words

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