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Does Your Life Have A Message?

Are the things you hold of importance in life, life changing to others?  

Who do you inspire to be like?

Do you have a message to share? 239 more words


Love, sometimes can be hard

We assume others show love like the way we do, if they don’t, we worry is not there.


We're Recruiting!

In line with our ongoing growth plans we are looking for another Regional Sales Manager 126 more words

Who Is Gender Queer? by Carol P. Christ

“It seems to me that calling oneself queer can be a way of affirming the parts (or all) of oneself that do not fit into the heteronormative paradigm. 1,261 more words


10 Lessons Learned

Sometimes we step on our values, to give others some real values.

It is not only the target… It is mostly the journey itself.

Living alone is the easy way out of many problems, the actual success is to get over the problems WITH someone. 108 more words


Being Reminded

Hello, dear reader. How have you been? Well, I hope.

This past week has been difficult. On Wednesday when I was trying to be genuinely upbeat while helping someone on the phone I was told that I didn’t “have to use that tone of voice.” When I responded that this was just how my voice sounded, I was told, “You don’t have to speak to me in that high-pitched, 18-year-old tone of voice.” Do I need to say here that the caller sounded like they were probably a man, or did you just infer that your own? 505 more words


Image by Beth Hockel

On my way home I started thinking.

I did this when I was staring at my dad whilst sat in the passenger seat, and I stared at him and just thought about what I was thinking.  629 more words