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Is it time to get OUT

There are many possible relationships out there for each person, but if you stay in one that is dead or in a constant state of battle, mistrust, or upset, you will never be able to find one… 164 more words

The Death of Difference – Moving to the Middle Ground

The Rules of Writing Communities

There’s a phenomenon that’s been intriguing me lately.

Writers have been discussing it on their blogs and I’m finding the view compelling. 1,278 more words


Seeking Happiness

by Devina Gunawan

Happiness in many people’s hearts is like a privilege, a reward.

It is almost as if everyone is programmed that to be happy, he or she needs to do something. 311 more words


Fight or Flight: The Difference Between Stress and PTSD

By MindfulAide

Everyone has felt stressed out at some point in time.

A looming deadline approaches and you don’t feel prepared. You haven’t completed something that you know should be done. 778 more words

Mental Health

Daily Dosage

We are different in countless ways, be it religion, race, language, skin color, taste in music, favorite food, hobbies. We are so different that no two are completely alike. 152 more words


Hyperdating and Cyberdating

[*in my teapot today: cinnamon, apple and cranberry tea]

When I was growing up, my dad had a joke (and still does) that my mom had to go on 100 dates in search of the ‘One’ before finally deciding she’d have to settle for him. 624 more words


Difference Between Phone Leads Generation and Pay-Per-Call Network?

Phone leads generation is everything about helping regional businesses grow. It has to do with making the products and services provided understood to potential consumers within a certain geographic area. 123 more words