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The Paradox That Is Not – Fat, Knowledge and Pre-Concieved Ideas

In a recent paper published in the British Medical Journal, it was found that obesity rate was 35% in the US and 12% in France. Yet, the average Americans knows much better than his French counterpart the percentage of fat there in his food. 848 more words

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Easy Weight Loss Can Still Be Successful

Sometimes we think achieving lasting weight loss isn’t in the cards for us. One of the hardest things to do is to get started. The next hardest thing to do is to do it again. 519 more words


Wellness, Health and Weight Loss Guide

For decades now you have been told to “watch your weight” and do healthy things, but very seldom are we told what being healthy really, truly means and how to achieve great health and wellness. 463 more words

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My 44 Hour Fast

I started a 44 hour fast yesterday at 8pm and I will go until 4pm Tuesday, 7/7.  What prompted me to do this fast was just to see if I could do it.   240 more words

Learning Which Weight Loss Workouts Actually Work

Understanding which weight loss workouts actually work is the only way anyone can effectively lose weight will save you time, heartache and lots of frustration. The first step is to choose those that do work, from the list below, and actually do them. 434 more words

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Preparing Your Mind for Fitness

It’s one thing establishing fitness goals; however, it’s another thing when it comes to following through and achieving your goals. The most important element to following through and achieving your goals is preparing your mind. 548 more words

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3 Ways to Lose Weight Online

Are you looking to shed some extra pounds? Losing weight can be a life changing experience and be one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. 619 more words

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