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.... chubby cheetah eats more salad.

Let’s be very clear, all salads are not created equal.  Just because the word salad appears in a description, does not in any way indicate definitive low calorie food!  453 more words

Chubby Cheetah

World War II diet

Failing miserably to lose our Christmas extra poundage (probably due to our ages, which seem to be reaching nastily high numbers at a far too great a speed) my other half and I needed to get ourselves onto some sort of health kick. 552 more words


What I eat in a day..

I have noticed this ‘What I eat in a day’ videos begin to pop up on Youtube. At first I never thought too much of it and then as I began watching more and more videos,it actually became quite interesting. 272 more words


Spicy feta dip (tyrokafteri)

Good morning!

This yummy and simple dip I am going to share with you today is one of my favourites from Greece. It goes well with everything, especially meat. 89 more words


Lite n Easy - Savoury Beef Rissoles

This was my first Lite n Easy meal! I decided try out the 5 meal dinner plan ($65) just to have have a taste of what the meals were like, pun intended ;) and to help me decide whether I wanted to commit to a 5 day 1500 calorie diet plan. 128 more words


Training 26th May 2015 (lunch session)

2nd session of the day and we’ve chosen to combine both Biceps and Triceps into the hour as a super-set style session.

E Z Bar Curls: 15 x 10 @ 20kg, 35kg after 3 sets to set 8, back down to 20kg for final sets… 49 more words


Training 26th May 2015

As it’s a bank holiday week Monday was a day off so everything has moved around a little bit.  So Tuesday stayed the same doing shoulders. 58 more words