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Take Me To The Ocean And Pronounce Me Queen

I’ve already eaten 700kcal today and it’s just 1pm, been up since 7 though. Hopefully I could go to bed early and fall asleep right away, wake up tomorrow ready for my little adventure up north, not so much north just more north than this. 180 more words


It's time...

I’ve hit rock bottom. Today was the worst. I had Max Brenner for lunch, toffee apple m&m’s, sour worms and spanakopita for dinner! Talk about junk. 111 more words


Easy Greek Salad


  • 4 tomatoes
  • Parsley
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Lime juice
  • Olive oil

Chop tomatoes and add to a large mixing bowl with rinsed garbanzo beans. Add remainder of ingredients, use portions to your taste. 8 more words

Clean Eating

Self Improvement

You have to do it for yourself.
No matter what there’s always room for improvement, no matter what. No better time than now to self reflect and see what is that we need improve. 32 more words


Look Great, Feel Great, Live Great!

Hey, guys! I’m back. Hopefully for good this time!

I’ve got a great range of products for you guys to try out. If you’ve read one of my previous blogs, I spoke about the Benevita Weight Management Programme, which got tons of amazing reviews. 111 more words