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I have my Eurovision hangover. Yes, I had a small coworker party,but I was home surprisingly early (of witch I was pretty  proud of ) and I was just on time to see who will win . 51 more words


Day 5 - Fridays are tough 

Day 5 started out like any other Friday except that I managed to haul myself out of bed and head to a 5.15am spinning class! It was a really good class so totally worth it and the one hour of it burned 530 kcal which made it even more worth it! 318 more words


Satisfying the sweet craving when on a Diet

I think we can safely say, everyone reading this has attempted to diet at least once in their lifetime. Whether it lasted a few days to a few hours, we all know how difficult it is to keep our hands out of cookie jars or control ourselves from ordering the extra-large double-cheese pizza. 458 more words


May 23 Exercise

Punishing, sweat-inducing 2 hour gardening session in my veg garden on the roof of my building


OO-Heaven For Mr Bond

I doubt very much if you guys saw the story in the paper or on the TV in my neck of the woods about a guy who managed to get himself to 46 stone in weight only to end up in hospital and now after Gastric Surgery is 22 stone in ONE year. 956 more words

Weight Loss

Cooking for the Cool Guy

Not to be read by women.

In my unlimitless arrogance and optimism I have published some recipes and cookery tips on this blog.  I am not going to make that mistake again. 346 more words


PSA: Don't Steal The Frosting

Seriously, for your own good, take my word for it.

No matter how gluten-free the frosting on the cupcakes is.

No matter how sweet your fiance is in offering you the frosting off his cupcakes, since you can’t eat the cupcakes. 123 more words