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Crack in the Sugar Cube

My father still eats like a pre-teen on vacation. He will go through bags of cookies and chocolates, washed back by sodas, then refuse dinner. He rejects the idea that his arthritis or fibromyalgia will be affected by a change in his diet, or by a more active lifestyle. 660 more words

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Viva la Resolution! Viva la Resistance!

You made your resolutions almost a month ago. Are you still sticking to them with that determined hope of a new way of being? Or, are you already flailing in your failings with hopeless distress or apathy? 577 more words

Candida Diet

First weigh day being back on plan and my motivation techniques

Yesterday morning was my first weigh day after being back on plan. I was nervous and impatient as i wanted to see results. I have stuck to plan 100% and exercised so i was hoping to see a good loss, even though ‘aunt flo’  (sorry for TMI but she does make an impact on those scales ladies!) has made an unwelcome appearance. 302 more words

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Day 5: Friday Night Syndrome

What is it about Friday nights? You spend the first part of the week being so healthy you could be the pin-up in a juice bar, only for the clock to strike 4 on a Friday and your resolve crumbles faster than a full fat chocolate chip cookie. 646 more words

100 Healthy Days

The sun came out today

Hey guys! Really proud of myself because today (being my 3rd day) I stuck by my diet, even though I was tempted at some point to munch some Aunt Anne’s cinnamon pretzel. 143 more words

Dear Diary

What is your health coach/trainer really thinking about you?

You hired a health coach or a personal trainer and you think things are going well. But do you sometimes wonder what she’s really thinking about you and your progress? 663 more words

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Huffing through the Holidays

For the last three years, I have either been on a crazy diet or coming off of one at this seasonal feasting time of year. This is for real health reasons, as I am not a masochist. 497 more words