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Shokuji Seikatsu Snapshot

In Japanese, one’s eating habits are referred to as their meal lifestyle, or shokuji seikatsu (食事生活). Whereas in English, we refer to a diet for weight loss and a diet in terms of eating style with the same word, in Japanese the words  718 more words



Alright. So this would be the second day of my juicing diet. And I am beginning to second guess EVERY DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! Yesterday, I feel like I did okay. 308 more words


Weight Loss

It is tricky because there are so many reasons why someone gains weight.  But there is only one way to lose it.  You have to make up your mind and keep it made up long enough to get rid of it.   894 more words


Schizophrenic Carbohydrates

    Back in the day, all dieters worried about was how many calories they consumed each day.  If you ate too many, you would gain weight; if you ate less, you would lose weight; and when you achieved a stable weight, you were taking in the same number of calories as you were burning.  1,947 more words


FittyBitty and The Abascal Way

I really like this little thing, and the software that goes with it. I got it for Christmas, and we are finally beginning to relate! 185 more words

Weight Loss

Rainy days... Pea Soup!

It’s been really rainy here in Paris and the grey skies are starting to dampen my spirits a little. So what do you need to cheer up? 245 more words


Shedding some pounds again...

Getting back to my old shape is so difficult. I tried several diets but in the end, I failed to succeed due to lack of motivation and time as well. 179 more words