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The Mediterranean diet - why eating like a Greek is healthy for your body AND your brain

In the era of statins and the ever so fashionable Paleo diet, the powerful and scientifically proven benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been largely overlooked Рeven by the medical community.   1,780 more words


VIDEO: Vibrant life through Health, Happiness and Motivation

Happiness and Health is the consequence of constant practice and consistent Motivation. We need to Cultivate this as a daily habit to keep our mind, body and thoughts to drive towards Vibrancy.

Watch this Video:


I felt like Ben Stiller from Dodgeball...

23rd October 2014: Sydney Australia

I spent the entirety of yesterday afternoon till the very early hours of this morning wondering why I opted to eliminate solid food from my diet for two days. 379 more words


Day 312: Staying Busy

One thing I’ve had to really work hard on ,while on my health fitness journey, is maintaining a clean diet. I’ve come to the conclusion that my poor eating habits were the results of having too much down time and just being bored. 131 more words


22nd May

Hey folks,

Today is a really good day! Here’s the first reason why:

I am now a proud member of the Mental Health Writers Guild!!!! (See to the right hand side of this page –>) 582 more words


Elimination of food commences

21st October 2014: Sydney Australia

My two day elimination of solid food has commenced. In honesty, I am feeling refreshed and overall fantastic. I have been mindful of my output, focusing on a day of rest, including the practising of a gentle/floor based form of yoga, have meditated, had a book prepared to read, and scheduled a bath into my day. 306 more words


Preparation for my fast/cleanse

19th October 2014: Sydney Australia

Plans have been made to commence the two day cleanse/fast on Tuesday. I don’t know whether it would actually be deemed a fast as I don’t foresee actually getting hungry. 314 more words