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Misery loves company

Don’t let the photo fool you, everything is fine. That was the result of me attempting to cut an onion. Terrible. I used to wear ski goggles when doing this horrible task, but I lost them in one of the many moves I have made in the last few years. 362 more words

Weight Loss

Pressing the Reset Button

Do you ever get to the point where you feel you just need to press the reset button on life?  I do and I am there right now. 468 more words


9 simples ways to get your *** to the gym!

Life is a process. Its the same for a lot of us. We wake up, we eat, shower, go to work, have lunch, work again, eat, go home, and, well probably if anybody is like me, eat again. 506 more words


31st March

Hey folks,

So we reach the end of another month already! Where is this year going? It’s totally flying by!

What have I achieved this month? 309 more words


Day 139 - 260 Pounds

Cardio – 120 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Another weigh in at 260 Pounds and after such a great day yesterday, I was counting on seeing a loss this morning but the scale remains the same. 460 more words

Weight Loss

Day 2 Plunge into the Eating Group Challenge

I am on day two of my eating challenge as part of the 5 day Clean Eating Challenge. On Sunday evening, I posted about joining a really cool group of ladies committed to Clean Eating for a 5 day stint of healthy eating. 427 more words



As you know I am trying to lose weight, I have lost some but for the last 3 weeks I have been stuck at the same weight of 9.11. 316 more words