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Are You Going To Miss Me When I Die?

Sometimes, I’m scared ..
I’m afraid to close my eyes…
not because I’m afraid to die,
but because I’m afraid of what will happen..

I keep asking myself… 165 more words



Hirtelen balesettel kezdődik a film és a műtét közbeni információ, szószösszenetek már az elején sugallják a film kimetelét, de később kiderül, köze sincs a balesetnek ehhez, teljesen másra utalnak, tehát már nem lehet olyan kijelentést tennia  filmre, hogy kiszámítható lenne. 230 more words


I still fall on my face sometimes

freaking stressed omg just thinking about everything makes me break down and.. idk die again and again

but remember happy vibes, don’t lose your smile… 384 more words

What is love?

Love means to forgive and be forgiven.

You can become the richest person on earth, but even with all that money in your pocket you will still be poor in your heart. 134 more words


2+2 = 7.5

The above equation is my newest theory on the nature of females, regardless of the species. It is a foregone conclusion that any male of all species are destined to sit in silence picking their noses, while wondering what just happened and how did they piss her off? 352 more words

Living versus Existing

Surely there is more to life than just going through the motions. We are all born with purpose and it is our duty to ensure that we find that purpose and bring it to life. 176 more words