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There was a comment on this web page that provoked my reaction below:


Daily Bell wrote a good¬†criticism of Reuter’s article wailing that technology will make most people unemployed and promoting a universal minimum guaranteed income. 430 more words


Lincoln did not end slavery, nor was that his intention. He ordered cold-blooded murder on draft protestors, had reporters jailed for writing against that war, he ordered the enslavement of tens of thousands with conscription, the most odious enslavement because it orders you to kill and put your life in the gravest danger. 185 more words


Powers That Be: While they send us to oblivion, where is their own Shangrila?

The Powers That Be¬†think they have their own Galt’s Gulch things going. They have something going somewhere, secret fortresses. Remember Shangri-la? That’s an old idea they have going among themselves, looks like to me. 138 more words