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"The Politics Of War": We Endanger The Peace And Confuse All Issues When We Obscure The Truth

This Memorial Day the nation remembers all those people who died while serving in the American armed forces. More than 1,316,000 military personnel have died… 1,065 more words

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"Honor Our Armed Forces By Avoiding Unnecessary Wars": Our Kids Should Not Be Used To Bend The World To Our Political Will

With recent military victories by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, President Barack Obama’s critics are once again ratcheting up their rhetoric, blaming him for the spreading violence in the Middle East. 692 more words


"Iraq War, 1%; Climate Change, 97%": Jeb Bush Needs More Evidence For Climate Change Action Than He Does To Start A War

Former Florida governor and likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush had a lot to say about climate change this week, putting to rest prior speculation that he might take a more reasonable position on the issue than his Republican opponents. 638 more words


"The George Costanza Defense": George W. Bush Didn't Just Lie About The Iraq War. What He Did Was Much Worse

None of the conservatives running for president want to be associated with the last Republican president — not even his brother (for whom stepping away is rather complicated). 1,074 more words


Dr. Carson: I wouldn't have invaded Iraq

There you have it.

The growing field of Republican presidential candidates is being sprinkled with individuals who actually are breaking with a key policy of the most recent GOP president. 232 more words

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