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Created this blog to share thoughts, inspiration – pretty much everything and anything.

Took a leap and started two businesses this year it’s been an exhilarating ride – ups and downs no doubt, but never looking back! 22 more words


Thursday 07.08.2012

When some people talk, it’s the same like I listen to “bleep” all the time.

At 8 sth a.m. dad awoke me to work with him in transferring woods in the yard. 306 more words

The Up Next

Dear Little One,

My sister and I recently housesat for a married couple from church. They have a little dog that is high maintenance and strange but all the while loveable, and their house is creaky and cute. 310 more words




I was able to look for a place already. We be 6 in one room. Everyone seems nice.

Mr. D, I think my worries and troubles took me out the infatuation. 33 more words

Survived the first week

As I’ve earlier told you I started a new job on Wednesday. Now, the first week is finished and I survived! I’ve only worked between 8-12 or 8.30-12.30 and in the afternoons I’ve been really tired. 207 more words


Motivational Peak

Thankfully my horrible cold has taken a U-turn and yesterday I was able to be released back into the general public (oh how exciting).

I feel like my tablets are still making me drowsy and light-headed, I decided not to take one the other day to see if I’d feel better and I felt a million times worse emotionally and physically. 434 more words

Personal Blog Posts

Furthering Nitch of a Poem

Dear Steven,

My patience runs so thin at times. Makes me forget that you happen to be on my mind. Whether it’s work or these bills, struggling hurts – there is no thrill. 120 more words