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Who's the Teacher

Parents are the children’s first teachers. We teach them how to talk, walk, sing, draw, read, write, etc. We hope to raise them to be decent adults. 780 more words


I’m always a part of the problem.
Never (okay that’s exaggeration) a part of the solution.

We went to Tyson’s Corner. We went to the mall. At the mall we went to the Apple Store. I played on the iPad.


Baby's First Trip Abroad

One year ago today, myself and three gal pals embarked on a 30 day trip across the pond.  And I’m going to do something I didn’t do when I went abroad… I am going to blog about it. 625 more words


Personal Space

The funny thing about personal space is, someone is bound to get offended or quite often hurt. Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with spatial awareness or the ability to know when they are overstepping those unwritten boundaries which time after time you try to make that little more obvious, not that it helps half the time. 817 more words


I’ve gotten a bike and will be bike commuting.

I hope I don’t get hit by a car and die.

Dear Diary...

                                               Shakespeare once said, “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” I believe that is true in a sense for journal writing. As I write this article, I realize that journals are like our eyes. 789 more words