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Chocolate Bingsu, Korean Dessert

After having dinner with my friend, we headed over to Oceanus Shopping mall for desserts. We’ve eager to try the well-known Nunpat other choices of Korean desserts. 113 more words



Have never known you before
Yet, you’re the one I fall for
Can’t get you out of my head
Looking forward to the days ahead… 48 more words



And afterall, you’re my wonderwall.

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20 more words



I got this question a few days ago and have an urge to answer right away, but cat got my tongue. So, here I am ready with a little ranting about this. 606 more words



If I let myself decide who I want to be
I continue to be in this body
If I try to walk across the bridge… 120 more words

Writing 101: Your Voice Will Find You

You know, I realized something. Ever since I left my step-father and moved to Utah with my mom, I barely attended a single event. I used to be so active even when I was in Texas, I attended church every Sunday and even studied the bible. 702 more words


Be with you....

I wanted to be with you
So much so that this life would end with you
I wished to bring luck for both of us someday… 145 more words