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Losing with queens and to queens; with sixes and with kings — more free poker tales from the bad beat bureau

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 27, 2015

It’s the weekend. A two-table tournament has shrunk down to one table. I’m short stack.

The blinds are approaching. 910 more words


Always You.

I’m glad I’m past the point of NEEDING to tell people who you truly are; what’s really behind that handsome face and charming good guy demeanor. 259 more words

Dear Diary: Episode 2 || Work

Diary of Jane

Dear Diary,

I’m All Alone……=(

Everyone in the Design department is at the Photoshoot for next season’s catalogs. Being the Graphic Designer, they left me behind to work on the catalog layout (which is important) but I’m a photographer too. 280 more words

Dear Diary

Her instagram post:

Roses and macaroons +rad socks…laying in bed with a few of my fav things pretending that I’m not sick and have a million things to do…

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mentally checked out.

I haven’t had the motivation to write lately, whenever I sit down to I just can’t..I don’t want to open up and let out anything, even though I really need to in order to keep mentally healthy. 191 more words


Author's Diary (Entry 8) Fictional blogs, Yay or Nay?

About 5 minutes ago I got the urge to do some Google searching, as I usually get that urge quite often (me and Google are best friends) and since I’d been asking myself a particular question on loop ever since I started this blog I decided to Google it. 915 more words

Author's Diary

View from the other side

Hubby had a bad night, so I was up first, slithering out of bed as ‘my side’ is along the side of the boat rather than the galley. 572 more words