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Tuesday, June 30,*1970

Elizabeth died last night

I went to pick up Jack who was suitably penitent about yesterday’s escapade. He + Dick left about 7 o’clock Mary called to tell me that Elizabeth died last night. 368 more words

Diary Entry

Diary Entry for Institutions Research

After viewing newspapers and websites the one thing that stands out is that I need to include adverts. This is because most local newspapers have a joint support with local businesses, in which the companies will pay to feature in the newspapers and giving money to the newspaper supports it and allows it to develop.


Diary Entry- Codes and Conventions Research

After viewing local newspaper in my area I have now got the knowledge of what makes up a local newspaper. I will look in depth now at both the Frome Standard and Warminster Journal for inspiration as well as looking online for articles. 97 more words


I Want you Now --Lyrical Monday--Master and Servant

In preparation for our trip at the end of July, Senor Grey started making his own “fuck me” playlist. This is the first of two songs he shared. 196 more words


Why does this blog exist?

I just need a place to tell my story.I am a flawed human being trying to do good.I am not sure if this will make any sense,but I promise to be perfectly accurate based on what I believe happened.This is me trying to make sense of my past.Since this may be a long and endless journey of pain and glories,I will try to make this a better reading by making it less a wall of text. 31 more words


Annonymous Whispers

Dear Diary,

I am not really in the habitĀ of writing in diaries, but I have a lot of things on my mind that I never want to be forgotten, and I think this will be the best way about the issue. 94 more words