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Wednesday, May 27, 1970

Horrible stupid nerve wracking day. Took Dick over to Denny’s at 6:30 to get the truck. Came back + washed hair + made up + dressed becomingly. 328 more words

Diary Entry


私の しゅうまつは ちょっと いそがしいでした。
土曜日に アルバイトをしって、 よるに ギターをひきました。私は ギターのれんしゅうが すごく たのしいですから だいすきです。 ギターのれんしゅうの あとで 学校の しゅうくだいを しました。それから こわい本を すこしよみました。

日曜日の あさに あさごはんを 買いに いって きょうかいで たべました。きょうかいの あとで アルバイトをしました。 それから うちで ばんごはんを たべって 私のへやで ゲームを しました。 そして ともだちと でんわして ねってました。

Diary Entry

Introvert and Extrovert

Hello Readers,

I was hesitant the last time I wrote to add the other myth but the topic of introvert and extrovert came up in class tonight. 264 more words

Diary Entry

There was a space of aproximately eighteen months when I looked out into a two-dimensional world that existed apart from myself.  Some of this can be blamed on a difficult breakup – I was just too depressed to see  355 more words

Diary Entry

Mundane everyday

8 May, Tuesday
9:10 pm

So, hello! :D

Not as happy as I seem and certainly not as sad as I might be.
^ makes much sense? 148 more words


A Diary Entry by Emi Star

This past week has been brutal. I had a tick bite that went wrong and multiple bug bites that were bad. I was an itchy mess with a whole lot of splotches all over my body and nights were spent wide awake with paranoia. 721 more words

Special Sparkle

Tuesday, May 26, 1970

4 hrs.

Felt a little hungover all morning. Dick off + I paid bills – Power service, phone, Mr. Mendoza Florist + Alaria electricity. Called Annabel + then Eva. 216 more words

Diary Entry