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Sunday, March 29, 1970

Happy Easter – Dick on waking had polished off a bottle of wine plus so didn’t feel too grand. We took the Easter Tree over to Jack + Joyce’s + didn’t have a drink. 177 more words

Diary Entry

i am so pathetically, hopelessly, painfully and honestly in love with you

Diary Entry

A Day Without Coffee

I realized late last night that I had went through the entire day without having so much as one sip  of coffee. That’s highly unusual of me, as I’ve been drinking coffee for as far back as middle school.   320 more words

Living Day-to-Day

Saturday, March 28, 1970

Dick off about 8:30 – I’d taken a milltown + felt a bit better. We talked some and I tried to explain how I felt. The important thing really is that the whole source of my feeling is already irrevocably in the past. 349 more words

Diary Entry

My Writing Habits

I figured I should let you all know how I write. Every day I write a poem, a diary entry, and I edit or writer a little of one or more stories. 37 more words


Friday, March 27, 1970

Air comptrollers out now + all air traffic slowed down

C.H. – 3 hrs.

Wendy + Denny coming over at 7:30 but we called + made it 8:30. 319 more words

Diary Entry

Thursday, March 26, 1970

Up early – ironed curtains. Called Dr. Schiffman – Bill “a lot better” – now wants to leave N.Y. Infirmary_ being fed intravenously. Had been admitted Tuesday “in a comatose state.” Called Nevada Power Co. 261 more words

Diary Entry