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The sorry status n.8

Reflections and daily life’s glimpes in Facebookian pills

20 December 2012
Oz characters
Basically all we are Wizard of Oz’s characters. Some people born talkative scarecrow, with straw-stuffed head, and would like to replace it with a brain; those who, while wise and willing, is imprisoned in a like-metal hard shell, and would like a heart; those who, behaving like a coward, forgot to be a brave lion.  22 more words


breakfast buddy

I’ve been really lazy about blogging for a very long time (or maybe always, whoops) so I’m trying to keep a journal; it’ll push my into posting more regularly and takes the pressure off writing perfect, researched, structured posts. 371 more words


How it all started...

Well I suppose to understand where my mental illness stems from I have to go back to the beginning.

My parents separated when I was around 3 yrs old. 680 more words



These days it seems the busier I get, the more I forget the little things that happen in life. Though big things are important too, it’s the littlest of things that often give us greater happiness. 75 more words


The sorry status n.7

Reflections and daily life’s glimpes in Facebookian pills

3 July 2015
Eulogy of coherency
I agree with Britains when translating coherent and constant with consistent. 23 more words


Diary 3rd July 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. heheheeh. I was with my folks yesterday, whom Dad made me realsie the Mamma Mia concert is actually TONGIHT. 611 more words


First Drawing of July

Hey everyone,

So here is my first drawing of the month. I actually started it last month, but didn’t have the energy and inspiration to finish it. 6 more words