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So it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and wrote out a diary entry. Honestly, I think it’s because I was so happy and busy enjoying life that I didn’t really feel the need to get my feelings out. 725 more words

Caffeinated Thoughts

How many times have I sworn not to drink coffee anymore?  I could not count.  I always break my promises.

A little bit won’t hurt. Probably a small size or a grande won’t make any difference. 893 more words


A new pic

Hey everyone,

Here is another new pic for the month. I don’t think I will reach the 10 mark, but I will try. Anyway, here you go:

Hope you like!



Been sick like heck

Hey everyone,

I told you I would update the other day, but I just haven’t felt good. I’ve had three doctors appointments. My ears have mainly been hurting me more than anything. 132 more words



Demi beberapa scene yang menggiurkan dalam cuplikan atau teaser film ini, saya bertekad kuat dan keras harus menyisihkan uang jajan saya (yang sebenarnya sangat tidak seberapa) untuk ikut sumbangsih film ini dengan menontonnya di bioskop demi menghargai Elizabeth Banks dan  91 more words


2pm on a Saturday...

…and I have not got anything to show for it. Currently sitting on my couch next to a ridiculously large pile of laundry my boyfriend kindly washed AND folded that I am supposedly putting away at some point today. 588 more words



Dominika took these photos of me / Zenit but I don’t remember which one.

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