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Date Night 💃

Well on Friday night we had date night. We had dinner and then went to see Jimmy Carr followed by drinks.

I wore a dress from Missguided (missguided.co.uk) which I like as it looks very retro (and also was on sale and I do love a bargain!) … 233 more words


Saturday 02.05.15

We all had a bit of a lie in this morning, well I was still awake early but went back to bed with a coffee, when we got up we had breakfast and made our picnic lunch, mid morning Lynne, Heather and myself went to the farm and turned out Skye, she’s out 24/7 now and what a miserable wet first day to be out over night, we gave her stable a really good clean and washed the place out with disinfectant, then we gave the trailer a good clear out, they have chickens for sale on the farm so on the way home we picked up some chicken wire to finish off the chicken coop, might have to put that job off till the weather brightens up a bit, spent the rest of the afternoon reading till it was time to cook our dinner and prepare tomorrow’s evening meal, we had our dinner sat in front of the TV which is our Saturday night tradition, when Lynne finished work we went to… 23 more words

Every Day Stuff

Loving you

I know that its hard for the both of us. But I really want you to know that you are never off my mind.

I fantasize about you countless of times at intervals of memories, that playback and make me smile like an idiot that has a damn good relationship when we have none. 560 more words


Slow Burn

I’ve realized something. Attempting to date and progress with someone when you’re undergoing therapy is one of the hardest things in the world. For me, it’s difficult because I’m sabotaging my entire existence. 311 more words


The apocalypse

For the disillusioned American, it felt like the apocalypse.

Streets that haven’t been touched by construction crews, houses erected by amateur desperadoes looking for shelter, and the definition of a store is a roadside kiosk. 208 more words



I like these photos because of the colors and the effect on the second one. Mateusz and Kuba. Spring is here, I can feel it. And I lost my voice.

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Ghana is the real world, America is the Matrix

As soon as I stepped of the airplane, the air smelled different. I wasn’t a good different or a bad different, just different.

It was like the earthly elements were contained inside the airport. 150 more words