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Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd May 2015

Saturday and Sunday were spent with Mike and Casie who returned from Canada early on Saturday morning and spent most of the day asleep. In the afternoon we had Wootton Bassett Carnival which provided entertainment as always although Wilson didn’t like marching bands. 571 more words


A beautiful end to the day

Today hasn’t been much of an adventure. All I got up to was being tired and getting dragged around a supermarket with my grumpy niece, grumpy sister and even grumpier mother. 209 more words

Friday 22.05.15

Really didn’t want to wake up this morning, had coffee and then cycled out to the RAF Memorial and checked on Skye, when home I found our chickens had laid some full size eggs, mmm egg on toast for breakfast and Lynne’s egg had a double yoke, had a fairly busy day in work and decided to have a take away for lunch which left me very sleepy this afternoon, came home had dinner which was all ready and prepared by Lynne, Cameron has gone camping for the weekend so it was just Heather and I this evening till Lynne finished work, we had a glass of cider while we chatted about our day and then got a early ish night

Every Day Stuff

I'm back!!! :)

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote a post for you guys, but I guess a lot of things were in the way of my blogging. 694 more words


College has taught me...

There are a few big lessons the last 3 years of college have taught me.

1.) There are VERY, VERY few people you can rely on 100%. 479 more words

College Girls

Smooth Sailing

Alrightythen (I say that a lot – fair warning).

I do believe WordPress has come a long way since 2011. I remember when they were first starting out. 38 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. It is cold. Why is it cold? It was hot just the other day. It is summer. It should not be cold. It should be uncomfortably hot. 391 more words