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I do like my food 🍴

I really do love my food, I try and be careful and not eat too much stodgy bad foods but why do they make the bad things taste so nice?! 338 more words



I got greedy.
For his attention. When I’m fine as who I am.
I’m attracted to him like a bee to bright flowers.
I don’t crave for flowers. 263 more words


Need to catch up on artwork

Hey everyone,

Well I don’t think i’m going to catch up on my artwork this month like I did last month. I am still going to try to get a couple more pieces in before the end, but I don’t think I will have the amount I did this month. 47 more words



Mama went in town. I finished “Linda Carlton, Air Pilot” in bed. Oscar played in bed with me. Spent afternoon in a dress Mama cut out, but never made. 10 more words


My Best..?

As I sit here and continue to procrastinate and not worry about my paper, I think about all 50 of my pass hookups and which one was my overall favorite. 569 more words



Dear Diary The date is 26th March 2015, the time is 21.32pm, there is Millie the black and white cat in my bedroom hanging out with me, and my bedroom is a mess as I am packing. 230 more words


Welcome:-) 26th March 2015

If this is your first visit to my website  welcome. Over the last few weeks I have been lavishing all my attentions on social media and trying to finish this site, which is nearing completion thanks heavens. 279 more words