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Karena Allah Maha Mengetahui

Tidak ada yang jauh lebih mengerti diri seseorang, selain Sang Penciptanya. Dan dialah Allah yang selalu mengerti dan memahami setiap mahluk ciptaan-Nya melebihi apapun. Tak terbandingi. 2,439 more words


review: 'Reasons to Stay Alive' by Matt Haig


Before reading this, although I had heard of Matt Haig, I had never picked up any of his novels. I also never knew of his struggles and experiences when it came to depression and anxiety. 373 more words


เฮ้ยยย วันนี้เป็นวันที่มีอะไรออกมาเปิดเผยเยอะแยะมากมาย
อย่างแรกคือ หลังจากหาเว็บขายถุงเท้าฟูๆเอาไปทำไอ้เหมียวให้กี้อยู่นาน จนถอดใจ
วันนี้ดันหาเว็บที่ขายได้เฉยเลย งง 5555 เยี่ยมๆ

Balloons on the ceiling: A birthday week survived.

You know that old saying, no good deed goes unpunished? Yeah, that’s a real thing. The saying is a living breathing thing, the punishment as severe as the deed is good. 1,119 more words


April 25, 1026

Sun., 25   Clouds. A severe shower & gale, which shakes & bends the trees. Fill a lemon pie & get dinner. Grace attends church. Henrietta sick & they stay at home. 13 more words


The Diaries of Col. Trevelyan Makeshift-Hampton. Excerpt 4

Pardon the hiatus.  Out recent legal tussles with Osbert Harbinger-Bastion, the last survivor of Trevelyan, appear to be settled so we can now proceed.  We can publish the diaries and he gets the action figure and gaming rights. 123 more words

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Growing – K Will (lyrics English translation)

The flowers fly in the wind, the sun sets later
Now even when I walk all night on this street… 185 more words