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Diaries: We all used to be someone else

Who you are when you’re fourteen is not who you are going to become. In fact, I would argue you are hardly a person at all. 969 more words


March 30, 1926

Tues., 30  Dumas washes. A good day & the clothes get dry. I iron most of them after supper. Tuttle takes Grace to the P.O. and return (sic) after supper.



My first introduction to Depression came back in 1995. Second year of medical school, I was in a completely alien environment and an entirely unrecognizable culture. 270 more words


Accept the 'Unaccepted'

I write this post after having done my duties. I have ‘liked’ some pictures, I have ‘commented’ on some other posts and I have done the basic courtesy calls and texts. 747 more words


Taqueria El Amigo

“Life beyond photographs” is how I think about this blog lately.. I always remind myself that some day in the future, I’ll miss today. And the only way for me to feel okay about time passing and for me to keep memories about these days is to photograph and blog about them. 159 more words


Haiku & Niwaki

All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power. To govern the people, place yourself below them. 434 more words


Modern Austen can't "multitask" when it comes to dating

As you know, diary, I’ve been meeting men through the internet and arranging “dates.” What this means is that a young man picks me up at my place of residence and drives the two of us to an establishment where we can dine on fare within his price range–so the meal is inexpensive, which is fine because I usually eat something before going out in order to maintain the illusion that I eat like a bird. 394 more words