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Why Don’t You? #72


Why don’t you plant big pots full of every type of basil known to man? There’s no nicer moment than catching a whiff of genovese basil as you leisurely stroll through your gardens. 495 more words


In Vogue: The Editor's Eye - 2012 HBO Documentary

This HBO Documentary discusses the work of Vogue’s Editors from 1945 – 2012

Grace Coddington, whose work has a romantic edginess, is celebrated as Vogue’s creative genius. 3,952 more words

Vogue Magazine

Dior and I

Back from the film festival so that those who missed it needn’t make the same mistake twice, this fascinating documentary takes us behind the scenes in the lead-up to the launch of Christian Dior’s new haute couture collection. 211 more words

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Why Not?!

Hi hi hi! Here’s a brand new feature on Kadie Wanders and it’s called “Why Not?!”. Because why not?!

This is half inspired by the great Diana Vreeland’s column in Harper’s Bazaar called “Why Don’t You..” and half inspired by the lists I used to make every summer when I was a kid. 165 more words


Creative Influence: Diana Vreeland

There has never been another creative individual like Diana Vreeland.

Vreeland is an inspiration to me for many reasons: her sense of style, her work ethic, her multi-cultural world view; but most importantly, I consider Diana Vreeland to be my greatest creative influence because she represented fashion as something more than just a bunch of clothes that cover the body and more than simply a form of self expression; Diana Vreeland represented fashion as a culturally significant art form. 544 more words


"How-To" Make an Intaglio Print

In this post I will be demonstrating the inking and printing process for making an Intaglio print.

Step 1:

Before you even begin the inking process, you want be sure to place the sheet of paper you will be transferring your print onto in a tub of water to soak for about an hour. 435 more words

Diana Vreeland

Smells Like Summer

Scent is one of those crazy complex things, rarely are we even able to acknowledge every scent that is accosting our sense. The sense of smell is strange because mostly it is subliminal and then one day BAM! 472 more words