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I'm Into You..

I’ve been feeling ballet slippers as street wear shoes. Right now, I wear them around the house and on our roof deck. I want to run around the streets in them but, I am worried they will get destroyed. 43 more words


Highlight of my day!!!

Hello World!

I’m Holly and I am a lover of fashion. Its one of my greatest forms of expression, individuality and passion. Cuz life’s a runway and you gotta look good. 60 more words

Diana Vreeland

I simply adore this quote below. Most days I don’t feel pretty at all. I feel hideous and gross and “whoa! let’s not look at this woman any longer” nasty.

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Why Don’t You? #76


Why don’t you visit the National Gallery of Art’s website and download a great number of free paintings? I went on a spree last night gathering together a collection of Flemish still life paintings of flowers from the Baroque period. 441 more words


Fragrance - Diana Vreeland

a recent addition to my repertoire. my select. extravagance russe. just the right amount of amber and mystery and the spirit of one of my favorite (s)heroes. 7 more words

Chic Fashion

Is Style In The Eye of The Beholder? A Look at Fashion in Two Documentaries

Nowadays everyone seems to be a fashion editor, a professional photographer and even a designer. So, just to put things into perspective, I went back to the roots of some iconic roles in the industry thanks to two documentaries. 349 more words


Why Don’t You? #75


Why don’t you start a ghastly rumor about your house so that your neighbors and their squawking children stop being so friendly? I live in the country for a reason! 489 more words