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Project updates 1

Our large format titles are now in production, and fans of the progressive rock band Yes can now sign up for a newsletter.  This gives people progress reports via the newsletter, as well as pre-order information and any special offers.  27 more words


Considering The Aspen Institute: Why Think Tank Organizations are Essentially Event Companies

Think tanks have a special place in Corporate America. They are an almost exact middle ground between the public and private sectors, with funding coming from usually a combination of government support and industry donors. 577 more words


The Economic Club of Washington DC: Explorations on the Essence of a Successful Gathering

There are some very interesting commonalities between the concept of “events” and the concept of “clubs”. Many successful events, recurring brands that have longevity and loyalty amongst its attendees, are successful because the audience feels a sense of belonging and community within the gathering. 531 more words



Dialogue between two students about their hobbies

       Nuri                 : Hello, Rahi, why do you collect stamps of different countries?

       Rahi                 : Oh! Hi, Nuri. I’m collecting them to enrich my collection. 1,776 more words


The Identity Is Watcher, Movie Watcher.....

‘Round up the usual readers. I hope you like it so much, that your friends’ll say, “I’ll read what he’s reading.”

I’m gonna make you an offer you cannot refuse, 212 more words


Viva Catholic Smoke

A Catholic (“Vivator”) attempted to rebut one of my posts on the Apocrypha which I briefly respond to. His words are in bold.

How do you know there are only 66 books in (your) Bible? 1,332 more words


Korean digital world in the berlin woods

«Smell the woods?»
«Look, a mushroom….»
«Hey, it’s a huge mushroom. Can you look up from your mobile for a sec?»
«Yes! Sorry, I am just checking for how long the internet is still working.» 89 more words