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What's So Hard About Dialogue? Let's talk Rewriting While We're At It!

I’m trying really hard to blog at least once a week on my WordPress site. Not easy, given I now have another blog on my Website, I’ve got two FB Pages, one regular blend and the other Author! 714 more words


Guest Blog: Where Did That Word Come From?

Haellyn is stepping in for D.M. Gutierrez this week.  Enjoy!

Where Did That Word Come From?
by Guest Blogger Haellyn

Maenam, ralladou. Teroá fond domou? 490 more words

Writing A Novel


One of the more striking definitions of Hell is the
ability to imagine a perfect place but not being
able to access it. We need not wait thus for our… 45 more words


Writing Dialogue

Although I write a lot of different types of writing, if I were honest, sometimes I would willingly forego all prose and simply spend all my time writing dialogue. 646 more words


What You #Will

“Here, take it.”
“What is it?”
“My heart.”
“It belongs to you.”
“What shall I do with it?”
“Do what you will.”

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It's Not Enough When You've Grown Up Trapped In a Mansion

– I am sad ..

– Just try not to be!! Do something that’s good for you!!

– But there’s no joy left in my heart… 134 more words