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Riedell Diablo

Have you ever heard of sports cars coming in a color people like to call “Arrest-me Red”? Well the brand new Diablo might attract similar attention as you speed past other skaters. 55 more words


Diablo III


I play diablo III now. I just started a few days ago, so I just have one season character (a monk) and my main which is a witch doctor. 356 more words


Sometimes We Have Other Interests

A lot of the folks I see on WordPress or similar sites that I follow for “professional” reasons – generally authors, but some artists, editors or general advice gurus – seem to have a very strict policy regarding what goes on their site. 555 more words

Working Conditions

[The List Reviews] Torchlight 2

Not to be mistaken for Torch-Wood, ¬†Torchlight to is a “pointy clicky loot game”, Similar to the likes of Diablo, and by golly fancy that, it was developed by one of the ex developers of Diablo :O who’d have thought it. ¬† 566 more words

[The List Reviews]

Podcast: One Girl, One Robot

Miles decided sleep was more important than conversation, while Brad was busy hunting bigfoot for the CIA, leaving Kayla and Paul to speak what is left of their minds. 75 more words

News And Stuff

The 'Child of Light' challenge

Flying through caves while reading endless streams of poetry, now that’s my kind of game.

Ubisoft’s Child of Light was released in April, in all its puzzling glory, last year. 549 more words


Wingless angel

He put this image in our shared folder…He still thinks I’m an angel after all the devilish things I do…