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Putting Away Malice

116. Then Venerable Sariputta said: “There are these five ways of putting away malice that arises. What five?
“Take the case of a person whose ways are impure in deed but not in word. 562 more words


The Snare

It happened again: I was caught in the state of acquisitiveness and almost didn’t realize it until it was too late. At present we are contemplating buying the assets of a former competitor and are taking a closer look at our financials in order to determine the best course forward. 163 more words



One of the most confounding things about samsara is the fact that things can change so quickly and completely. Truly, if one does not live in heedfulness, guarding one’s mindfulness and returning to the theme it is very likely that they will find themselves completely lost and confused, pursuing short term gain and pleasure. 62 more words


10 Days Of Silence: Vipassana Meditation Retreat

I applied for my first 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat back in December, after hearing about it from someone I met at a leadership course. At the time, I had been working hard to improve the two parts of my life that I viewed as my weakest. 2,188 more words

Buenos Aires

Abiding in Love

114. I have heard this said: “Sublime is abiding in love” and the Lord is proof of this because he is seen to abide in love. 13 more words


Grateful All the More

The pendulum swings back and forth and today I find the mind yet stepped in visions of catastrophe. And even though this is the case I have been surprised to find little pearls of joy scattered throughout which seem to grow in the failure ground of gratitude. 47 more words