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A Mind Filled with Love

184. And how does one dwell pervading one direction with a mind filled with love? Just as one would feel love for a loving, pleasant person, like this one pervades all beings with love. 226 more words


Dhamma Book of the Week #2

This week, I’m going to recommend The Jhanas by Ajahm Brahm. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about these subtle states of meditative absorption that, in most Theravadan circles, are understood as being practically prerequisites for enlightenment. 136 more words


Shifts in Consciousness

Listen to The HumanExperience – “Transformation” before reading.

“In using art as a tool for transformation we have the opportunity to create a reality that is beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination permits.” 794 more words


Happy Uposatha However You Observe It

Today is the Uposatha day according to the Thai Dhammayut order whose calendar I follow. For years I have observed whenever I could find the strength and wherewithal to do so but, I have to admit,  that the last few years have seen me observing less consistently than I would like. 131 more words


Repaying One's Parents

181. There are two people you can never repay. What two? Your father and your mother.
Even if you were to carry them on your back and live a hundred years, supporting them, anointing them with medicines, bathing and massaging their limbs and wiping up their excrement after them, even this would not repay them. 92 more words


Monday Morning

It’s an early Monday morning and it makes the first weekday of my kids’ summer vacation which is why I’m standing on a more or less abandoned platform at 6:30pm waiting for a Brooklyn bound train. 126 more words