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My Television Addiction

Television is truly a wonderful invention! I can’t even fathom a time where people just listened to the radio as their source of entertainment #MindBlown! Television is the gateway to many things not just entertainment, for instance most News Channels provide us with a vast amount of needed information about the world we live in while others fill us with paranoia and fear that keeps most psychiatrists rolling in the dough, CH-CHING!!! 784 more words

Life Lessons

Did You Know?

C.S. Lee (Vince Masuka) played Dr. Ba on The Sopranos.


[Pic of the Week] : a little Friday fluff.

The variety that comes with this job is pretty unbelievable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This week alone, I herded preschoolers around a playground, arranged paragliding backpacks on models, and met with a couple to plan their wedding photography. 88 more words

Stellar Propeller Studio

A to Z Challenge - S

My theme for the A to Z challenge is Villain Archetypes.

Yes, 26 descriptions of some of your favorite villains of literature, TV, and movies. 428 more words

A To Z Challenge

Trivia Tuesday (ANSWER)

We Asked: Which Dexter cast member is often referred to as Australian, but is of Polish descent?

ANSWER: Yvonne Strahovski (Hannah McKay).


Trivia Tuesday

Which Dexter cast member is often referred to as Australian, but is of Polish descent?


Scooby Doo X Kiss Movie

by AJ Adejare

I appreciate Scooby Doo mainly because it’s a decent series that is not afraid to take things to the limit even with it’s limited plot.   48 more words