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To My Would-Be Boss and Corporate Curator (You Know Who You Are)

by Nancy Jackson

I was told that you wanted to maximize the benefits of a mature workforce

And that my experience would reward both myself and…

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Call Center

Dewars promoting big shots

Heavy alcohol, toxic, addictive, destructive

Alcohol a known cause of cancer


Third Draught: Wednesday Night Algorithm

In this new series, Oddball Editor Jason Wright experiments with writing while drinking three beers at an undisclosed location, display the barely-edited results for all to see . 363 more words


See You Next Week!

I just wanted to let you’all  know that you probably won’t see me here again until next week.

Unlike many “netizens” of the virtual world, I have real “friends” and family.   176 more words


Dewar's whiskey on Twitter

If a person ingested all the alcohol in this bottle it would probably kill

Companies like Dewar’s take advantage of the freedom;

To advertise alcohol without having to mention it… 26 more words

Womens Health

Who is the author?

When working with biological generative or semi-generative biological systems, where variables like randomness, production time and especially the natural functions of the biological actuators are explored and allow us to… 1,281 more words

Form By Growth

Another resolution regarding samples (+ three reviews)

I forgot to add one more resolution in the earlier post.

In one of my cupboards filled with whisky related crap there is a huge box of samples. 952 more words

- Blended Whisky