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“When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching,” (Matthew 7:28)

I remember as a child, seeing my Dad perform some simple “magic tricks” for my friends at a birthday party one year. 311 more words


The Realm of Love

There is an interminable space between us, and when we lay in silence, our eyes lost in the indescribable mystery of an infinite sky, we are more akin to mingling souls than mere lovers. 1,220 more words

Keep on Moving

The other day, my husband and I went shopping for our puppy. We bought him his first rawhide. We thought it would be the perfect gift because he loves to chew. 453 more words


What if....

King of my heart.

That lyric, or similar ones, appear in a lot of worship songs. I was singing one last night my hands raised, my eyes closed, my heart full, my face radiant (or so it felt). 413 more words


My voice is the song in your heart.

My life is crazy. You’d think from the outside that I have it all together, though I never intend to portray it that way. But honestly, this stage of raising small babies and changing a gazillion diapers is tough. 367 more words


Devotional Bible Reading

Almost every Sunday night I meet with some guys from my church to discuss our lives as we walk with God. One of the questions that I typically ask is “How are your devotions?” (I realize that some people prefer to say “quiet time” but to me it just sounds like I am in trouble.) The responses vary. 608 more words