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Developing Low Trust Provider Hosted Apps with SAML Authentication in SharePoint 2013

Low trust provider hosted apps in a SAML secured SharePoint web application is a scenario that did not work when SharePoint 2013 was released. Things have changed fortunately, so here’s a quick run down on what you need to do in order to build these apps on premises. 606 more words

Desktop SharePoint Apps for SAML Secured SharePoint Sites

Continuing on with the theme of SAML secured SharePoint sites and SharePoint Apps, this next posting looks at another common application model, which is using what I call a desktop app to connect to SharePoint. 1,500 more words

SQL Azure Connection String Settings for Visual Studio Projects Deployed to Azure Web Sites

I recently spent HOURS looking for a silly little SQL Azure connection string in my Visual Studio project. When I created the project I configured it to be deployed to an Azure web site and I also connected it with a SQL Azure server where I’m storing the data. 302 more words

OAuth, o365 APIs and Azure Service Management APIs – Using Them All Together

I’ve been spending some time lately fooling around the o365 API’s. Frankly, it has been a hugely frustrating experience; I’ve never seen so many documentation gaps and examples and sample code that didn’t work, to flat out wouldn’t compile in a long time. 3,217 more words

Using ADAL Access Tokens with o365 REST APIs and CSOM

Many fine folks were generous enough to point out to me this week that you can now (actually since June’ish I’m told) use an access token you get from ADAL in conjunction with the o365 APIs to use ALSO with the SharePoint REST API as well CSOM. 2,141 more words

OneDrive for Business Browser Using o365 APIs

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently talking to different partners and customers about building applications using the Apps for Office and Apps for SharePoint platforms. 4,650 more words

Every Child Matters - and the award goes to...

I think the best award ever given at my daughters school was the one for attendance. When the Headmaster asked for the person who had won the award to receive it…..they weren’t there. 252 more words