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Onion Omega: Make Stupid Things Smart On The Cheap?

Tiny dev board with Linux & WiFi + REST API + App Store + High Quality Tutorials + Cool Projects + Vibrant Dev Community = Our Vision…

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A Dev Board For The ESP Lua Interpreter

From the great minds behind the NodeMCU Lua interpreter for the ESP8266 comes a proper dev board for the WiFi platform of 2015. They are calling it, the NodeMCU-devkit, and it’s a reasonable, cheap, and breadboardable breakout board for the ESP8266. 138 more words


A Development Board for the ESP8266

is ready to dip his toes into the world of firmware development for everyone’s favorite WiFi chip, the ESP8266. Before that begins, it would be a good idea to make a nifty little breakout board for this chip. 167 more words


Espruino Pico, Javascript on a USB Stick

There are probably very few official numbers for this, but web developers at least seem to outnumber the amount of people who regularly poke pins and registers with C. 191 more words

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Another Internet of Things Board (But This One Has Lisp))

Using routers as dev boards has been a long and cherished tradition in the circles we frequent, and finally design houses in China are taking notice. 338 more words


Bluetooth Thingies at Maker Faire

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the more popular themes for new dev boards is Bluetooth. Slap a Bluetooth 4.0 module on a board, and you really have something: just about every phone out there has it, and the Low Energy label is great for battery-powered Internets of Things. 226 more words


Dev kit with PIC32


Students taking up Electrical Engineering, use dev kits almost every day. When designing a Bluetooth system using a dev kit, it is important that you have the features that you need. 113 more words

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