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The Bard and Bethesda: Throwback Analysis of "Dishonored," Part II.

You’ll recall that, a few days ago, I released the first part of a three-part analysis of “Dishonored” which I produced several years ago.  Today, I offer fans the second part of that analysis; following the third part, be on the lookout for up-to-date theory on what makes “Dishonored” an architecturally worthwhile piece of art. 4,614 more words


Do you have free will ?

On Tonight’s Live Streaming Show we will be discussing Free Will; do you have self-autonomy in decisions you make, or are you bound to a predetermined path in life? 61 more words


If we are free, we can behave as if we are not

There is an obvious moral asymmetry in the argument over human freedom (or Free Will if you like the term), which can be expressed as follows : 1,168 more words



She does not seem to know how to have fun.

And the damage is done worse when she realizes this fact, dwelling in the un-fun nature of her personality. 257 more words

Freedom within Determinism, or "What exactly are my options here?"

There are only so many ways to leave home………I found myself saying this when trying to think of new routes to take for day rides. I saw it as a metaphor for the limited options for action one has at any given point in life. 362 more words


Note to Troy

It would be nice if philosophy could clean up after itself. When we drop the illusion that determinism conflicts with free will then the two irrational positions of anti-causal ‘libertarian free will’ and anti-choice ‘hard determinism’ can be disposed of. 332 more words


A Note to George Ortega

Dear George Ortega,

1) You are wrong to claim that we are unaware of the mental process we use to make a decision. People can actually put down their reasons and feelings on paper, even making a list of “pros” and “cons” to help them think through things. 673 more words