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2 Attempting a New Version of Environmental History

As I have said in the above posting, I’ll draw heavily on the perspective of the environmental history, in my attempt to figure out the status quo in the 21st century. 694 more words


I Propose A Challenge To Maximal Flow Theories By a New Theory: Indifferent Time

I’m giving people an early peek at a new theory that I have developed in response to essentially another kind of theory, (or a system of theories) which involves optimal energy dissipation and or system flow optimization. 5,217 more words

Why I'm Not a Fan of Intelligent Design

Note: I should say beforehand that creationism and Intelligent Design are not the same thing. Creationism is the idea that the universe was created by a specific action of God, whereas Intelligent Design merely postulates a supreme intellect beyond that of humans. 503 more words


Turning it all around #1: Child-centredness

…the first of several short posts questioning supposedly universal truths in education but which are, as several other writers have discussed recently, nothing of the sort – simply acts of faith which have no more grounding than the alternative practices which they have been used to discredit. 971 more words

The Ethical Necessity of Anarchy

Those behaviors which society deems to be negative are often not ethically questionable. Rather, the anti-social or depraved action is only considered to be undesirable on an arbitrary basis. 3,752 more words


The Team of Your Brain: All Athletes, No Coach.

Your conscious mind — believe it or not — is not in charge of your day-to-day behavior.

That claim may seem counter intuitive and contrary to your experience, but it has been demonstrated in controlled experiments time and again. 736 more words

Sterling Lynch

The Quantum and the Madmen: Why Measurement Theory is Passé and Only to be Trod by Fools (btw I Have Figured it Out Here)

Physics occupies the top spot in the mystical crown of science.  For those who choose science as their religion nothing is more fundamental or inspires more dreams of glory and righteous pomposity than physics.   1,569 more words