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Day 27: The Rose and the Worms

The rosebush despaired, for her leaves were covered in sawfly larvae and she had not yet bloomed. “Woe is me!” she wailed, “I will never see the fullness of my flowers – this chomping of my leaves deprives me of my very sustenance, and the noise of tiny teeth is unbearable! 449 more words


The spiritual battle: manifesting itself in the flesh...

Your eyes are becoming more clear, and you are seeing more of a spiritual purpose instead of a physical one. The Lord has directed you within, to the Mystery of the Gospel~Christ within us, and as you have become closer to Him, you have also found that you are more sensitive to the spiritual battle continuing to rage all around us. 278 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Black Male Privilege???


Can somebody please explain to me what black male privilege is? Whilst reading through the comments on a post written by a blogger by the name of Abagond discussing radio personality and Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor, I came across a comment made by a black woman in which she stated that black men have black male privilege. 210 more words

A Letter to Baltimore

My beloved Baltimore,

I admire you for your beauty, your vibrancy, your acceptance, and your soul. I have been to your streets, both filled with life and vacant vicinities. 154 more words

Earthquake, Avalanche.

My prayers  go out  to all in Nepal and at  the Everest Base Camp. 

Earthquake, Avalanche.

The  rumble  became  a  roar  and  she  shook

Shook  until the  ground  cracked  and  the buildings fell… 152 more words

AS Textiles Final Outcome | Respond to today's world

Today we shot out photos of our textiles exam garments which we created in 8 hours on Monday and Tuesday of last week. For AS Art and Design: Textiles… 245 more words