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Why We Destroy Beautiful Things

Do you know why we destroy
Things that we think are
Far too beautiful for us to
Marvel at my dear?

Why we invade and pillage… 144 more words


Divorced Women Destroys Her Wedding Dress In The Most Fabulous Way Possible

Dayna Rumfelts marriage came to an end last year, and the dress just reminded her of the marriage.

She decided the dress had to go, and it had to go in an epic way. 84 more words


How APC seeks to end Jonathan's political career.

In a statement released recently, Femi Fani Kayode said the APC has budgeted $2million to produce a blockbuster documentary which he described as baseless and full of lies to slander against president Jonathan and his government. 1,438 more words

Give all you got!!

The sole purpose of the life of a candle is to destroy darkness.

And once it faces death, darkness again takes over.

But while it is alive, darkness can’t even come near it. 29 more words

Different Angles

Game over.

In retrospect I suppose, the signs were abundantly clear … the intense overfriendliness, which was slightly alarming considering the relatively short time we had been talking, the seemingly genuine concern for my well-being and of course the flattery … the excessive praise he drop fed me throughout the day by DM text and email … But because I never doubted him for a moment I overlooked each and every one … I actually embraced the time he made for me, masquerading as my new best friend … In no time at all I told him more of my past than I had ever told anyone … and how he used it to his advantage … instigating role play and using my niavety as a stick to beat me with … He wanted to know if I considered myself to be happily married and admittedly I told him I felt it was rather stale, and that my husband didn’t understand me … but it was never meant in any way as a come-on … From there it seemed he did everything in his power to alienate me from my husband until one day he commanded me to have no further intimate contact with him even going as far as to suggest we slept in separate rooms … He wanted to know what I was wearing as we were talking and then went on to ask what I wore in bed … and whether I slept naked. 336 more words

Judith prays before her killing (Jdt 13:4-13:5)

“Then Judith, standing beside his bed, said in her heart.

‘O Lord God of all might,

Look in this hour upon the work of my hands… 73 more words