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Poison Familial

My father likes you occasionally.

My mother drinks to death.

My husband is long and escalated, has the hair of ancient garbage, and seduces me with the thought of being with someone else. 564 more words

Short Story

July with Joel & Jude: When the locusts come...

To you, Lord, I call,
    for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness
    and flames have burned up all the trees of the field. 321 more words

Facing The Giants

Is anybody out there?

First of all, thanks to everybody who’s following my blog after just 3 posts! Thanks, I really appreciate that!

My day was super confusing! My “I’m so all-knowing-boss” was MAD at me. 121 more words



The lonely morning awakens hid senses,

the vagabond looks up at park benches.

Where did I sleep, he dreamily wonders,

as the depths of his heart are plundered. 81 more words

Desperation and Me.

As you may have noticed, I want a job. Only problem is I’ve been searching since February and now it is July. I’m moving to Bristol this August but in order to secure somewhere to live, I sort of need a job. 555 more words


Travis O!

No no, not that kind of O. This guy was very tall, dark hair, sweet, and needed adult braces. Not being mean, just truth. He was a gentleman though. 731 more words


Can we get the tab please?

Today marks an important day in the homeland’s history. Today the people of Greece are voting for…..wait what exactly are they voting for? Right the referendum…oh wait thats not it. 430 more words

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