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An Anniversary

Today was the anniversary of when I met you.  And it was such a hard day.  Not because I miss you, or us, or the hopelessness I was filled with while with you. 560 more words

Old Thoughts


Dying inside now, eyes are blank now, dreams are nightmares now, home is too far away now.  Too sober now, too used now, too far gone now. 153 more words

Old Thoughts

Evening Meditation | 22 May 2015

“Knowlege of God without knowledge of man’s wretchedness leads to pride. Knowledge of man’s wretchedness without knowledge of God leads to despair. Knowledge of Jesus Christ is the middle course, because by it we discover both God and our wretched state.”

Blaise Pascal

Evening Meditation

A Matter of Perspective

Not far from my home stands a hill that, when measured against other hills in the area, can be best described as being of modest proportions.  664 more words


Sodamuck Superstar, Artist Brian M. Viveros


Things once worthy
Like loose change
A penny for your thoughts
Now tossed —
In the kitchen funk-junk-drawer… 326 more words

Field Of Thorns

Textual Comfort Blanket

Hello Friends,

After my last post I’m still not feeling great. The relentless coursing of thoughts and feelings has now given way and instead I’m left with an overwhelming numbness, feeling everything and nothing at the same time. 473 more words


Godless Skies

God fell from the sky,

Left his skies unguarded.

They rained a veil of despair,

Godless skies tend to do that.

The women hide behind smiles, 117 more words