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Creativity and Productivity

Creativity is a tool. You use it to make new things out of old ones. It’s what Steve Jobs referred to when he said that it’s “just connecting things.” There’s a little more to creativity than that, but that’s the basic action. 335 more words


What I crave

I’m going through the workbook section of the Desire Map. My next few posts will be a selection of rapid fire answers to questions in the book. 30 more words


sometimes you see a pair of legs
walking down the sidewalk
that makes you forget where you were it was
you yourself were walking
and make you
cease to care


accidental perversion

a blonde in black
tight black
leather and denim
propped up pretty
on a bar stool
the top of her ass crack
peeking out above her belt… 8 more words


She Is Not Among The Debris

She forgets the slow current’s nature

The bridge makes memory disappear

Both sides, anchored to one another

By concrete skin, steel bolts, a mirage

Beams and illusion. 153 more words


desire [poetry]

Reflections in a mirror

Sunlight patterned over smiling faces

A curl of perfumed hair

A long embrace

A longer kiss