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Who Are You and What Do You Want?

How do I answer these questions? That’s easy: “I don’t know.

Thanks to my meditation I’ve realized that I cannot answer those two basic and fundamental questions: who am I and what do I want? 236 more words


Walk my mind

Hey sunshine, hey rainbow…
You’re all I wanna see…
Hey lady don’t lay low…
By my side you should be…

You’re one with whom I’d rob… 181 more words


Master of The Dance

A bow
Hand offered
Hand received
I prefer the Waltz
Yet a Reel would be nice
What a vison you are
Angel feet float effortless… 19 more words

Wanting You (poem)

     Wanting You

There’s a tingling in my hands
When I think of your face
And it only gets worse
When I imagine the place

Where I long to touch softly… 122 more words


My Net

Were you lying all along,
or were you lured by my Siren Song,
but simply determined to stay the course,
To spare not my feelings but yours? 127 more words


Do men with attractive wives/girlfriends cheat on them?

I recently attended a wedding and this question came to mind.
“Do men with attractive wives/girlfriends cheat on them?”

I’m not talking about “5s to 7s” as some people may put it. 128 more words


Eden Lost

We both walked through Eden,
barefoot and careless.
We loved all that was ours,
though we were really blind.
Blind, like Madame Justice,
but did we even know justice? 286 more words