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zamzar.com (free online file converter)

             Zamzar is a free web application to convert files. It can convert (what ever format) Images, Videos, E-books, Documents, Music, Video Presets and Compressed Formats (to any format). 14 more words


Risen from the Sea

This is a shot from my Risen from the Sea Collection.. Its an older piece, but one of my very favourites nonetheless. It was a Concept Shoot, inspired by the Brackish Sea and all the Darkness that dwells within it. 39 more words


A List of Things Replaced by Smartphones

Makeup Mirror (mirror app)
TV remote
Birthday Reminders
Camera ( pst P&S camera)
Music ( pst walkman)
Voice Recorder
Flashlight… 18 more words


A List of Good Movies (non-Indian) Without Nudity

Life of PI
The Boy in the Strpped Pajamas
Cast Away
Childeren of Heaven (Iranian)
Gone Baby Gone
Panic Room
Yes Man
The Pursuit of Happiness… 24 more words


A Little Editing to Make Movies Family Friendly

Imagine you are watching Iron Man with your kids. Weapons, technology, good vs. bad ….isn’t nice …. then comes a scene, where a female journalist interviews Tony Stark, he ends the interview with a  with a pick up line.. 148 more words


Another version of Daisy Chain Cubed Mark 2

This new version has two main improvements – a more secure clasp for the bracelet, and the straps attached at the top of the focal as in the original mark 1 version. 19 more words


BlueSky uv gel nails

BlueSky uv gel nail vanish


  • UV lamp
  • Chosen gel colours
  • UV Base coat
  • UV top coat
  • Nail file
  • Acetone/nail varnish remover

Decided to take on blogging my nail designs and ideas as I like to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t, so along my blogging journey I will share my does and don’ts of the nail design ideas I try 😊 … 67 more words