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conversion concerns

Converting a residential building to a commercial use gives me concern.

Converting old (unoccupied) buildings to new occupancies raises even more concern.

This is part of my daily job. 1,609 more words


What goes into designing knits

I often say I suffer from “design brain.”  This is when my brain gets bombarded with design ideas and the only solution is to cast on…which makes for a crazy case of “startitis.” 320 more words

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За сегодня и сквозь работу разобрала весь десятилетний почтовый ящик. Теперь у меня во входящих только текущие задачи, 14 штук. Прошла перед глазами и сама собой структурировалась жизнь за этот исторический период. Сэкономлено много-много рабочих часов на будущее.

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How to build a good design team

I came across a great post, The Redesign of the Design Process by Jared Spool, that shows the best product or game designs comes from teams of people with a strong market focus. 572 more words

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Interesting: How to Choose Between Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Methods

Manufacturing methods can essentially be divided into two categories: additive and subtractive. Subtractive methods include any process in which material is removed to product the desired form (e.g. 74 more words


Logo design process

Taking off from where I have left the last time (What makes a great logo?) I wish to share with you what goes into designing process for creating… 684 more words

Logo Design

Tackling Projects at Home

Since I moved in with Nick almost two years ago, I definitely still have A LOT of work to do in our home. Within the first year I was able to get most of our things sorted out as to what stays and what goes and get all the rooms upstairs painted. 517 more words