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Free Guhit 03: Printable Mother's Day Cards

We love our moms and we bet, you do yours too. This coming Sunday, we celebrate these wonderful women and the love they’ve showered us. Big or small—expensive or free, let’s agree to show them our appreciation! 28 more words



The world of tendering is a tender world indeed, especially for the humble designer looking to break into the large scale field of public sector work. 820 more words

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[week-end color] Minion Yellow by Pantone

Il primo colore ispirato e creato pensando ad un personaggio di fantasia. O meglio, ad un gruppo di personaggi. Si chiama Minion Yellow e come potete ben capire è il giallo dei simpatici ometti del cartone “Cattivissimo Me”. 313 more words

"following Your Passion"

Clark Aldrich-Accelerating Change 2004-Simulations and the future of learning

Aldrich discusses to main keys to successful education experiences: Content and delivery.

More specifically, Aldrich encourages us to think about content more dynamically by classifying the content in the following three areas: 241 more words

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Norman's "emotional design"

Don Norman-Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things

I love Norman’s opening example: the New York Times’ initial review of the Mini Cooper, which essentially stated that it had lots of flaws, but people should buy it anyway because it felt good. 160 more words

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Game-based Learning

“For the most part, instructional designers know little about game development and video game developers may know little about training, education and instructional design,” (Hirumi, Appelman, Rieber & Van Eck, 2010, p. 104 more words

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Audio levels/thoughts for Storyline Projects

As I get further and further into my project (and reviewing the work of my classmates) my ears have started to perk up, so I decided to go back and take a look at our Audio section from early on. 100 more words

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