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This week I have been focusing on words. I’ve been looking deeply into definitions and seeing how relative they can be from different mouths and… 391 more words

Real Life

Am I Desensitized?

Recently, I watched a bunch of movies where many people were shot or killed in some other way or beaten severely. I also finished reading an urban fantasy novel in which a reluctant werewolf was tasked with hunting and dispatching several vampires who slaughtered multiple people. 796 more words



Have you ever walked into a room with a horrible smell only to find that within a few moments you were barely aware of the noxious fumes? 543 more words


Fearful Dog Becomes Confident Again

As some of you may know, our Tommy came to us fearful of vehicles – not just riding in them but vehicles, period. After months of work, we have been able to get him to the point of being able to ride on the floor of our truck for a short distance at a low speed without having a panic attack. 236 more words

Clicker Training

Dogs & Babies:

We refer to our pets as our furry four legged children, but what happens when a two legged human child is entering the picture? Many families find the inevitable introduction nerve wracking at best. 1,112 more words

Camp Bow Wow

Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (emdr)

Does anyone know anything about this kind of treatment or know of anyone who has had success with it? I m feeling a bit desperate. 7 more words

Check check, double check

Last week I had my last appointment with the insulin allergy department in Amsterdam. Because of some minor snowfall all transport in the Netherlands is de-railed and as it had snowed the day before we took off bright and early. 495 more words