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Order Interrupted

Primary colors are pleasing. Look: red, blue and yellow. Plus two secondaries, orange and green. Plus black and white. This is a pleasing painting. The colors are luminous and the composition is stable and orderly. 206 more words

Technique And Demo


Like an awkward butterfly
I fell upon you in the forest

Long ago forgotten how to love
I held your softness gently in my hands… 13 more words

Random Thoughts

002 - Hazy Morning

I woke up this morning and something just clicked in my head. I was thinking more freely, creatively and I was in an amazing mood! I couldn’t quite get my head around how one person can be in such a brilliant mood, even at such early hours in the morning – on my day off! 89 more words


Who Am I?

It has been a few months since my last entry. In speaking with my spiritual director, I continue to recognize that my entries into this journal have always been fueled by a time of significant pain, grieving, or depression. 214 more words

tagging the surgeon

So the surgeon suggests, three consecutive times, that we go out. Like on a date, I guess.

I have a fondness for the surgeon because, despite having my number, he only ever corresponds with me occasionally. 614 more words


What is the most efficient sequence of steps to design a Steel I-Girder Bridge (structurally)?

Answer by Isaac Gaetz:

Design is an iterative process, the trick is to strike a balance between depth of design and breadth of design. You have to make some decisions before you can move forward with the design, but if you go into too much depth early on, you’ll end up having to rework or throw out much of your work.

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