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Droning on About That Cave

After posting about the wonders of our world a couple of posts back, I noticed that it had actually become quite topical as a video by Ryan Deboodt was ‘trending’ all over the web.  77 more words

Depth Perception

beneath the surface

beneath the surface
fleeting shadows of life play
tricks before my eyes 17 more words


Town Encounter

It begins, as it always does.  A sudden recognition of my situation, this time sitting outside on a bench in the sun.  The bench is one of those metal ones that retains its coldness despite how long you sit there and has a lattice back, it’s also blue but the paint is flaking.  440 more words



Written by Miles
(Reader’s Choice 2009)


THERE is NO Natural Religion
The Author & Printer W Blake

The Argument…
Man has no notion of moral fitness but from Education.

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Square Wheels

An impromptu trip out is always a pleasure, especially when it leads to a blog post.  My latest jaunt to Nottingham started happily enough, I made sure I was there about two hours earlier than needed,  just to have a walk around and soak up the day without needing to rush.  421 more words

Depth Perception

Plumb the Depths

Whenever I think of the word depth, I automatically think of depth perception and its application in photographs and paintings.  Depth perception adds that element of reality, gives three dimensions to a two-dimensional presentation.  531 more words

Nature Photography