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As you can see in the cover photo for this blog, Mikey has always tilted his head to the side to play with wheeled toys. Therapists tell me this relates to executive function, and it’s something common among kids with ASD. 274 more words


Creative Theory, Radical Example - Justice Koolhaas

This book offers dizzying and breakneck theories on subjects including digital identity, transhumanism, and blue-chip art celebrities. The introductions outline Koolhaas’s regrounding methodology, poetics, call for Theory Celebrities, and politics of infolution, along with comprehensive interpretations that allow students to choose material without feeling pressured to grasp everything at once. 631 more words




  • the ability to perceive the world in three dimensions.
  • Various cues perceiving depth in the world

­­­­Monocular Cues

The following are some of the most common monocular cues: 326 more words

Depth Perception

Show Preview: Depth Perception featuring TRUTH at District N9ne

We Present and Funkadelphia are bringing Depth Perception, Baltimore’s finest electronic music event, to the city of brotherly love for the first time. Depth Perception, an evening full of deep bass, hard drums and heavy wobbles, touches down in Philadelphia April 30, 2015 at… 65 more words

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Feeling Edgy

Some memories of experiences are so ingrained within us, that we can recall them with absolute clarity. These memories seem to pop up at the oddest times, today for instance I am sat at home, keeping out of the sun, fighting with the ever-growing list of book reviews and wondering if I can be bothered to get up and find something to eat when the below recollections came somewhat randomly to my mind. 574 more words


Sabbatical Travelogue

Fantasy realized: sitting on a train, heading for a Greek port with a funky hotel waiting, working on my laptop. James beside me, searching a hotel for the next night on his phone. 250 more words

Flow Visualization

Droning on About That Cave

After posting about the wonders of our world a couple of posts back, I noticed that it had actually become quite topical as a video by Ryan Deboodt was ‘trending’ all over the web.  77 more words

Depth Perception