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Just thoughts

Do you ever just sit down, stair at your paper and pen, or your screen and keyboard and just kind of sigh. When you have so many thoughts but none of them string together in a cohesive alignment, or none of them fit the same context, or at the very worst you’re not even sure what they mean? 483 more words


Anxiety Prevents Me From Meeting New People and Networking

Joined a Facebook group for my neighbourhood (sorry spell check, you are incorrect, I’m Canadian!  This is an interesting, close-knit group that seem to have… 197 more words


How could he love a girl like me?

“How could he love a girl like me?
a girl with dull eyes, and a mind
lost at sea. The words i speak are
hardly heard, i’m beginning to think
they’re blurred. 200 more words


Is their any day of the week that is the hardest for dealing with depression for you guys?

Saturday has always been my hardest day! 134 more words

"I Know How You Feel?" Really?

Please comment on your stories, and what brought you through it.  You can do it anonymously through the disqus comment engine.  I’m also going to place this discussion on disqus.com. 1,008 more words


In a rut and having a rant

There are a million things I should be doing right now and blogging is not one of them.

I’ve just spent the last 4 hours trying to get my son to eat something and playing cars so I am sat recovering with yet another gallon of tea while he has his afternoon nap. 191 more words

Writing Righteous

This is a blog.
A blog of me.
A blog of my writing.
No, I am not a hipster.
My not being a hipster explains why the creation of this blog isn’t on Tumblr. 102 more words