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17. Loving Lustfully

Love is not sex.
Love is not lust.
Love is a word.
Lust is not sex.
Lust is not love.
Lust a word.
Sex is not love. 239 more words


Wednesday 10:33 July 1st 2015

My first blog.. Someone told me to start blogging because I have a lot of stuff to get off my cheast and express how I feel… I don’t feel go at all. 406 more words


Last Night's Diary Entry

I’ve been writing in diaries (journals) since my sophomore year of high school, so for what like 7 years now? I’m currently on my 8th journal, so I’ve averaged just over 1 journal per year.   976 more words



I’ve been feeling numb to the world recently. I don’t really know what’s going on, or how I feel. I’m lost. It’s almost like I am floating through life. 110 more words

I Need Help.

I don’t have anyone and the people around me make me feel worse about myself all the time. I really cannot do this much longer. I’ve gone so long without cutting but tonight I did and it helped so much. 138 more words



I think the most rough thing about mental illness is experiencing paranoia…

You have no idea what is reality and what is paranoia… sometimes you can fight it and be able to tell the reality of it all but other times you cannot. 271 more words

Am I?

I don’t know what sucks more. Not telling those you love how you’re feeling or not being able to stop feeling this way. There are times where I just feel like talking and telling people how I feel but I just cant bring myself to. 378 more words