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#blogExodus 5: Hide

Have you ever taken steps to hide your religious identity? Was it because your physical safety was at stake if the wrong people found out? 925 more words


What REALLY goes down when my husband is out of town.

My husband has been gone a few days now, and his return is being delayed by weather (shaking fist at the sky). On the other hand, I’ve been so crazy productive these last few days that maybe he should go away more often? 334 more words

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"Visions of Vietnam": No Looking Back

Excerpt from the Forthcoming Memoir by David J. McCallum:

Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic’s View of the War

(December 1965 – December 1966)

Once we found out in December 1965 that we were going to Vietnam, we were allowed a few days “in transit” before we had to leave, so I went home to Folcroft, PA. 243 more words

Vietnam War

The perfect lonely weekend meal.

My husband is out of town for a few days. I miss him terribly, but I’m also thankful that I have a few days to get my head back in the deployment game. 293 more words


Revisiting PXE Booting for UEFI Devices

One of my earliest posts pertained to troubleshooting we did to fix PXE booting for some UEFI Windows tablets we were deploying. The issue there stemmed from what turned out to be an incorrect PXE configuration that wasn’t allowing the deployment server to dynamically serve the proper boot file. 352 more words


Deployment care package ideas for pilots, flight officers, & flight crew.

I enjoy putting care packages together for my husband when he’s deployed. One thing I’ve learned is to only send what he will use or can consume and  286 more words

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