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Insignificant Events

Sometimes insignificant events turn out to be very significant indeed. This is because they can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. On their own they do not appear big, yet if you do the sum over all insignificant acts, they can mount up. 241 more words


Book Review: Dependent Arising by Palitha Mapatuna

The takeaway: This is a high-level dharma book about a complex topic that baffles many who study it. The book is a good one for those who want to get serious about studying the doctrine of dependent arising. 1,503 more words


Step 2 of 10 Steps to Bliss - Experiencing Gratitude

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In Step 1 of the 10 Steps to Bliss, we discussed how to connect to the Present moment or how to be “present”. 946 more words


Rising with the Ranks

“I want to rise with the ranks, not from them.” –Eugene V. Debs

“We cannot just be; we can only inter-be.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

“Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to be saved with them.” — from the Bodhisattva Vows…

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Some Pieces

The Happiness Glass

‘It happens that I am going through a period of great unhappiness and loss just now. All my life I’ve heard people speak of finding themselves in acute pain, bankrupt in spirit and body, but I’ve never understood what they meant. 1,285 more words

The beauty of the flower - #buddhist #reflection

The beauty of the flower is dependent on the stem

Stephanie Mohan – November 2014



sometimes i wonder
about places i’m not
how can i fit in?