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Winter is coming...

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Forgotten Spring Blossom

With everyone so excited about the move to the new building, we tend to miss what is happening around the old building.  It is likely that this is the last time this tree will blossom and here it is in all its glory.

Dental School And Hospital

How Dentistry? Pt. 2 -- Understanding Myself

This is the second part of a multi-part series. In part one I discussed how dentistry became the most attractive choice for me after a process of comparing dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and optometry, the major healthcare professions in which the practitioner would be called ‘Doctor’. 1,209 more words


How Dentistry? Pt. 1 -- Exploring Healthcare Professions

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D1: Flashback to Week 2

I wrote this short blurb during Week 2 of dental school, during our  2014 Summer semester. We had two courses, Professional Behavior and a much more fast-paced Anatomy. 328 more words


The Undergraduate Dental Student Life [in Karachi].

While perusing through options, I would have never guessed that I would end up in a dental school. One of my main concerns, every time, would be the amount of time I would need to put into studying – and of course, the answer for this particular field was –  472 more words


Memory Lane

Sue Goucher was clearing out her desks and found some old pictures from the School Office.  She has written down the names of the various school secretaries but some are missing.  25 more words

School Staff