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The Story So Far...

So right now I’m a second-year student in dental school. Last December I found out I got one of the three-year Air Force HPSP scholarships, which means the Air Force will pay my school tuition and fees for three years and in exchange I’ll serve in the Air Force as a dentist for three years after graduation. 766 more words


I Wish I Had Known......

When I was in dental school I was under the incorrect assumption that all dentists were private practice owners. I thought that I either had to buy an existing practice from a retiring dentist or start my own from scratch. 296 more words


A question of life

So, yesterday, Friday February 7th, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the ban on doctor-assisted suicide, or, euthanasia. According to the reports I read, the decision seemed pretty unanimous, and quite a few of my classmates and colleagues have expressed support and superiorly pointed thumbs to the decision. 970 more words

PCW Gets One Outta Three Free

I am very diligent about my oral hygiene, but I haven’t been to the dentist in about two years because I haven’t had insurance.
(which is a bitch) 179 more words


Back Door for Dental and Medical Schools

For ages, to any high school graduate hoping one day to enter the portals of a great medical or dental school one day, the Medical College Admission Test, known by its fearsome abbreviation, the MCAT, has been an inescapable thorn in their side. 503 more words


Day 9: Dental school diary

I started my first molar root canal treatment! It as on tooth #30.

The tooth was diagnosed symptomatic irreversible pulpitis. However the patient was not in any pain. 114 more words

Dental School

Not Pursuing an RD, No problem! Part 2: Health Professional Programs

In Part I, I provided information about one type of advanced degree program that might be of interested to many of you but if the PA route┬ádidn’t tickle your fancy, fear not! 1,469 more words