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Coming At You Live...

From Copenhagen, Denmark!

This is my very first travel post that’s not a throwback! I’m thrilled to be traveling again, and although I have been up for 15+ hours, it feels incredible to be back in Europe. 94 more words


Time To Make Like One Direction (Or Willie If You're Old-School) And Get On The Road Again

As much as we don’t want to leave, it’s time to pack up and hit the road. Our time in Sicily has been an adventure, full of good times, good food, great wine, and some memorable sounds and sights. 255 more words


Across the sea and fields to Aarhus

With all the planning and considering of holidays far away, it’s sometimes easy to forget that an entire other country lies just off the coast. From living in Perth where a long stare out to see only brought distant imaginings of Africa, this is quite something. 1,096 more words


Rainy mornings || Maya

Usually people hope for nice weather when they are traveling.

It’s 10 am, I am the only one awake. With a cup of hot, strong coffee in hand and the window open. 102 more words

Victoria V. Salomonsen - When the sun sings

Like a light breeze, natural and unburdened – these impressions develop by watching the photographs by 18-year-old artist Victoria Vogel Salomonsen from Copenhagen. Captured moments that fascinate. 227 more words