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How Mao modernised China. And the problem of Tibet.

How Tibet Emerged Within China.   The complex history, which involved Tang Chinese, Mongols and Manchu, but always within the context of the Chinese state and the power-struggles of those who wished to rule it. 317 more words


Episode 96 - The Dragon and the Rising Sun, Part 6

This week, we’re turn to the modern Sino-Japanese relationship. After 1978, the communist party assumed a different form under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping. How did those changes affect diplomacy between China and Japan? 184 more words


A decade after his death, China's forgotten economic reformer will finally receive a proper burial

The ashes of former Chinese general secretary Zhao Ziyang—a reformist leader best known for supporting Tiananmen pro-democracy protesters in 1989—are finally being laid to rest. After a decade of arguing with Zhao’s relatives over where to bury his remains, officials finally… 347 more words

Recommended link: Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?

I have embarked on sequences of new posts which examine a number of ideas from books I have recently read. These ideas relate to where our society is heading and what we as individuals might be able to do about that. 467 more words

Civilisation Building

Shanghai, 2015: my photo story

“The Yankees have invented a stone-breaking machine. The English do not make use of it, because the ‘wretch’ who does this work gets paid for such a small portion of his labour, that machinery would increase the cost of production to the capitalist.” 474 more words

President Xi Jinping...or is it Chairman? 主席 and 总统

The term “president” is most commonly used for those individuals that are the highest executive officer of a modern republic, as the Chief Executive of the United States or is an officer appointed or… 502 more words