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The total fertility rate, with instructions, in 9 minutes

Maybe because I haven’t had a classroom full of students since December, I made an instructional video.

In 9 minutes I explain what the total fertility rate is and then illustrate how to get the data you need to calculate it using IPUMS’s American Community Survey analysis tool. 91 more words

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National Post View: Under Tories, the census has become indisputably tainted

Well, now they’ve done it. Since the federal Conservatives scrapped the mandatory long-form census in 2010, on the dubious grounds that it was too “intrusive” — this from the party of “lawful access” and C-51, recall — the quality of Canada’s data collection has suffered. 473 more words

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U.S. Steps Closer to a Future Where Minorities Are the Majority

Minority births in the U.S. are far outpacing deaths as the white population remains all but stagnant, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday, driving the country closer to the point at which minorities outnumber whites. 284 more words

Damascus: Iran works to change demography of the Syrian capital

Sources: Now.mmedia.me, Al Quds Al Araby, Al Jazeera

Hundreds of residents of Damascus’ Mezze quarter are facing eviction as Iran prepares a new construction project near its embassy in the Syrian capital… 216 more words



You got to love my oncologist, a hunk with his gold chains and unbuttoned shirt (3rd button). While he examines the incision on my neck, my nose is three inches from the chest hair tumbling over his open collar.   398 more words

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sociology class +2, ch-1

Demography is the systematic study/ description of population.

Greek (people) + graphein (describe),

Demography studies

  • changes in population size;
  • patterns of births, deaths, and migration; and…
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