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It's the Free Market, Bernie!

You may have heard of a politician named Bernie Sanders – or you may have not.

The relatively unknown and self-described socialist senator from Vermont, the 49th most populous  846 more words

Hillary Clinton

Jeb Says 4% Is Target

Jeb Bush said recently that President Obama has presided over a lack luster economy. If elected President, Jeb promised to return the US to a 4% growth economy. 294 more words


Texas Voters No Longer to do the Two Step

For nearly 40 years, the Texas Democratic Party has conducted a two tiered method for selecting delegates to the National Convention.  Some delegates (75%) would be apportioned on the basis of the primary vote, but others (25%) would be selected in caucuses held after the polls closed on election day. 61 more words

Texas News

Illinois peeps, check out - Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton Opens a Previously Guarded Door

Hillary Rodham Clinton is about to give her first national close-up in her second presidential campaign.. via NYT false http://ift.tt/1NKRuvH


Why Bernie Sanders Is the Left’s Ron Paul - By Jamelle Bouie JULY 6 2015 5:39 PM

When Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for president, I thought he would be a gadfly with a modest following. Not Howard Dean, but not Dennis Kucinich, either. 298 more words


Terms: Ghosting

There’s a new definition, a new trend, given the label “ghosting.” Before we get into that, I wanted to first lay out some of the other definitions. 462 more words

Media and The Presidential Race with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

At this point of the 2016 presidential run, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will most likely win the Democratic Party nomination for president. This is the mantra repeated over an over by the news media, especially among the cable news networks. 660 more words