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Amman 101 launch

Today Amman101 initiative was officially launched under the patronage of HE Aoun Fakhoury, with the presence of HE Aqel Biltaji Mayor of greater Amman Municipality. Huge crowed of media, youth and social media filled the cinema room where the Amman 101 movie was presented. 346 more words


Непознатата Банкя

Позатопли се временцето и реших да посетя едно място, което е оставило дълбоки следи в моите спомени от детството. Банкя – нито село, нито град, само на 13 км.



Malcolm Rifkind, caught out last week trying to sell his services to a phoney Chinese business, had the effrontery to claim that he needed a second job as MPs were paid so poorly.   460 more words


Throw away the drawing board

Some of our high profile mates against a supercity say the Commission should go back to the drawing board. They’re wrong – the Commission should chuck its expensive whiteboard and drawing pens into the skip. 52 more words


The Double Speak of Politicians: How Washington was a Liar

Everyone lies. I’m not arguing over semantics but lying is an integral part of life. Presidents and politicians are not immune from this onerous necessity. The most obvious example is Bill Clinton’s infamous equivocation of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Clinton’s statement, even at the time, was understood as a blatant lie, but this is not doublespeak. 493 more words


Joining in the praise

You may have seen the article, “In Praise of Libraries,” published in the Rotarian Magazine, making the internet rounds this week. Naturally I agree with much of what author Joe Queenan has to say about the importance and role of libraries. 1,260 more words

Student Body President/Vice President Elections 2015

With the student government elections coming up tomorrow, it is vital for the voting population to truly understand who our candidates are. Not just as high strung, elitist, power-hungry politicians, but rather as students trying to figure things out. 611 more words