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Searching for Spirit: David Graeber's Covert History of Democracy

As a blow-by-blow account of the Occupy Wall Street protests and a solid exposition of the movement’s aims and principles, David Graeber’s The Democracy Project  1,475 more words


Photoshop Take 2: Stu Stu Studio

Half of second semester is complete and with that, I had my final production for my intro to multi-camera course. To be honest, I knew studio was challenging especially putting on a live production (even if it’s just the news) it’s quite the endeavour, but MAN it is super stressful. 239 more words

Who Watches the Watchers: Bill C-51 Goes Too Far


Ottawa (25 Feb. 2015) — As the federal government tries to push through Bill C-51, the Anti-terrorism Act, by limiting debate from expert witnesses and in the House of Commons, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is releasing its response to the legislation. 537 more words

“Harry’s Last Stand” and “Mr. Smith, if we look behind us now and then, will the road ahead rise up to meet us?”

There are few souls left on this earth with a living memory of the unimaginable brutality of the class structure in the early 20th century. There are few who can share the experience and the lessons they learned with the hope that mankind will not repeat the deprivation, cruelty and societal injustices of that class structure. 370 more words


Marcosian PNoy

Last Wednesday, 1500 people led by Juana Change were prevented from forming their human chain from Crame to EDSA shrine. Talk about irony. The son of democracy icons doing a Marcosian tactic on the day we celebrate the end of a dictatorship. 860 more words

The frame of reference for the GM debate

15 years after I was arrested for attempting to destroy a field of GM maize in Norfolk, the GM debate still continues, and still the frame of reference for the debate continues to be the primacy of science over values. 487 more words