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Commentary One-hundred & thirty-nine: the rights of Senior-person; beyond the substantive decree of health provisions, as to the civil Condition of elderly-person

Author: Shawn Dexter John

I have provided specific discourses on the government-support of the elderly, having emphasized great discernments in public reliefs purposed with adequately responding to the great reason of the prerogative of health, being of the highest natural & measured law of human, and where considering the cultural development of modern society, in appropriating a reasonable order & efficiency of the body politic.  1,388 more words


It's not just our voting system that needs reforming...

Sentiment should play no part in the Governance of a country, but sadly it is at the very core of our democracy.

Adhering to arbitrary sentiments – traditions, customs and other historical conventions – have been central to the running of our Parliament for far too long. 195 more words


Slovenia: Pro-family group submits constitutional complaint to overturn ban on referendum

As the saga on same-sex “marriage” continues, democracy and rule of law are put to a test in Slovenia. Already back in 2012 the attempt by a left-leaning political class to introduce same-sex “marriages” into the country’s statute books was overturned by a popular referendum. 462 more words


Let wisdom prevail as opposing sides meet on Hong Kong's electoral reform

South China Morning Post Editorial

Neither Beijing nor the pan-democrats are willing to make compromises at this stage.

The saying, “A week is a long time in politics”, suggests a lot can happen within a short period of time in the political world. 434 more words

Gratitude Project Day 9

Consistency – Over a year ago I started blogging what I was grateful for. For reason I don’t fully understand, I stopped at day 8 of 30. 420 more words

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If other things remaining the same,

Development is possible.

Meaning – if it is raining,

Drinking water is possible

But, a baby born today… 56 more words


Right now, is left wrong and right right?

Matthew Taylor on the left:

The nature of power is shifting yet social democratic organisations continue too often to exemplify a model of hierarchical bureaucracy, tending to see power as a zero-sum quantity won or lost internally in factional battles and externally in elections.

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