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After Revolution 2.0

Remember 2011? The Arab Spring, a.k.a. “Revolution 2.0“? Four governments were overthrown. The stage was set for further social-media-fuelled protests: Brazil. Ukraine… 513 more words


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'Revolution' - "Corporacide" (Chapter 22)

Well, you’ve got to admire his confidence haven’t you? High on the fervour and excitement that the previous twenty-one chapters have created, Brand thinks it’s time we all don our favourite black hoody, grab a golf club, and go smash in the windows of the nearest PC World. 577 more words

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A Structural Proposal

I have read that people are capable of maintaining about 150 relationships with other humans. This therefore seems like a reasonable maximum size for human organizations — churches, businesses, towns, etc. 692 more words

The market place rules.

The market place rules.

The market place rules.

It demands that education be cheap and perfunctory, a baby sitting service run by those who are there to make a profit.  229 more words


I am not a Modi Supporter and I am not leaving India

Day by day I am getting this feeling that India is not a democracy anymore.People share the messages like “if You don’t like Modi then you should Leave India” more then often now.DO you think this kind of Blind following of Love is OK.Fine, He may be a good guy , May be not. 177 more words