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Songs for the Demented Mind by ASHBALAND Studios

I just rolled into the office and its kinda quiet around here so I decided to see what I could find to shake it up. I was trolling through Facebook when I noticed that DJ Ashba, lead guitar player for Gun n’ Roses and Sixx: A.M, posted something about ‘Music from his twisted soul’ with a link to… 63 more words


The Last Line

Jackson walked the streets where he’d grown up. He’d been gone a long time. When he’d returned, he expected to find everything different. Sadly, very little had changed. 1,321 more words


Day 0663

What do you see in a person’s smile?

Do you see what you want to see — a lover, delighted to come across you unexpectedly? … 204 more words

Image of the Day- Frozen

Our version of Elsa- Dark Princess style!  The beautiful Breann Lynn was a fabulous demented Elsa- MUAH by Bobbie Pins Beauty- The wardrobe was by the model and clearly rocked.   58 more words


Image of the Day- Hair Today!

I am shooting with this gorgeous girl today in the desert.  This image was taken where she was one of our Dark Princesses and if you can tell from the hair, she was Rapunzel.   36 more words


Matty Hits The Road

      In my last post I addressed the matter of a dog who has forgotten her house-training. What we were slow to admit to ourselves was that this would inevitably include her car- and taxi-training – and, indeed, her train-training. 562 more words


Now, Where's The Mop?

When a friend told me that his Labrador had become incontinent and he didn’t know what to do with her, I’m afraid I was only slightly sympathetic. 378 more words