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small stones (16)

O this tormented soul!
I am awake, restless
thoughts of you
will not surrender me

Why does Hypnos not come?
Leave Thantos, come!
Cast a web of sleep
over this demented mind

Small Stones

Demented Fields

It’s poetry Ireland day today so heres a bit of an auld poem I wrote of a day

Demented Fields

Dreamless nights spent in fields… 284 more words


Matty And The Acupuncturist

When I was first trying to get into journalism, I was invited for an interview at Vogue. Naïvely, I arrived precisely on time, only to be handed a form which took ten minutes to fill in. 359 more words


22 Of The Most Perfectly Demented Cards Against Humanity Combinations Of All Time

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction that comes with playing the perfect game-ending, un-toppable card combination in Cards Against Humanity. It’s those moments that make the game so here are 22 of those moments to make your day.

A Spaniel Under My Seat

‘Where’s Matty?’ is a question we ask ourselves several times a day. The options are limited, since she can’t climb the stairs any more: she’s either in the kitchen or in the garden. 276 more words


Arkansas law will force doctors to tell women abortions can be reversed

As conservative lawmakers pass a record number of anti-abortion laws, it is staggering to consider how many require doctors to tell patients information that has no basis in science.

192 more words

(Demented) Quoth

“Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.”
― Robert Bloch