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Matty Hits The Road

      In my last post I addressed the matter of a dog who has forgotten her house-training. What we were slow to admit to ourselves was that this would inevitably include her car- and taxi-training – and, indeed, her train-training. 562 more words


Now, Where's The Mop?

When a friend told me that his Labrador had become incontinent and he didn’t know what to do with her, I’m afraid I was only slightly sympathetic. 378 more words


0020. BIGdumbFACE - Duke Lion Fights The Terror!! [2001]

This one is a must for my list.  Not just because it’s fucking hilarious, but because it also rocks!  It’s got hilarious lyrics, brutal metal riffs and a 19-minute-long track of random noises.   366 more words

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Consuming Passion

Like all dogs, Matty is obsessed with food. Once, in her more athletic days, we made the mistake of leaving her in the kitchen with the table laid for supper – the first course being melon and Parma ham. 300 more words


Glimpse in to INSANITY....

I penned this down about my Schzisoeffective disorder.
I’ve heard and seen too many delusions to add to this script .
I have lived this way for over 30 years. 411 more words


Walking Two Daft Dogs

If someone asked me to invent a computer game, it would have to be about walking two dogs – an old one who had lost her marbles, and a young one who was naturally daft. 517 more words


The Madness of Miss Matty

Until last year our black Cocker spaniel, Matty, was a dream of a pet. Beautiful to look at, sweet-natured and obedient, she was described by a friend as the best-behaved dog in Britain.  568 more words