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I have just


my copy of Major General Smedley Butler’s wee book. You know the one: ‘War Is A Racket… 365 more words


How to disappear completely

I first came to Centenera when my life in England rose up tight and choking around me and made it impossible to breathe. I’d finished a degree in Sculpture and done well in it, well enough that I felt no need right away to come to any kind of honest terms with the delusional self-importance of such absurd hyper-cultural collusion, rolled tight in the rug I’d woven around myself over three exhausting years of supervision and unwilling still to pick apart its coddling threads. 533 more words


My Group Therapy

Joining a critique group brings an end to the arrogant delusion of, “I have written a great story.” In fact, I’m discovering some hard, and down right scary, things about myself. 106 more words

My Writing Journey

(05/27/2015) Divine Use of Deception?

The righteousness of GOD when using deception through chosen ones and false prophets is considered, today.  Like those generations who proclaimed covenant through Moses and Joshua, individuals chosen and appointed as servants to Deity will demonstrate and be held accountable both for blessings and curses.  Divinity does not use deceit, lies, and trickery to attack, disrupt, draw away, manipulate and ruin those in the earth as does the Adversary.  Delusion and lies appear in the Scriptures as divine instruments in judgment used to admonish, clarify possibilities, condemn, correct, and seal.  Consider again 2nd Thessalonians 2:  7-12, King James Version (KJV):  7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:  only he who now letteth… 1,061 more words



There was something different about him.
Sure, he still laughed and joked and pranked, a lot.
Yet, there was something, and I couldn’t grasp it with my own hands. 189 more words

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Knights in shining armour are pussies

If I hear one more delusional idiot crap on about how she is waiting for her knight in shining armour whilst she is 40 and unmarried, I think I’ll puke on her. 161 more words


The Coming of the Uncreated Light and Its Concealment

There are many variations in the vision of the uncreated Light. Initially it happens obscurely with the revelation of one’s inner darkness. Then it becomes brighter and transmits divine-life. 1,466 more words

Metropolitan Hierotheos Of Nafpaktos