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Global Warming


this is what you get when you have Global Warming—

—a selection of links to various imagery of bikini clad damsels frolicking on sun-drenched idyllic beaches and fields. 120 more words



It seems as though we spend the first eighteen years of our lives eagerly awaiting adulthood, and the next seventy years trying to figure out what adulthood actually is.  1,372 more words


Chuck is a drug dealing spy

Soon after I finished high school in 2009, my mother’s twin sister, Glenda, got a divorce from her husband of 21 years. Soon after, she began dating a man named Chuck. 527 more words

Huntington's Disease

Honest Questions, Honest Answers – Interlude: It's Not Like That Anymore

A: I’d like to briefly address something that’s come up a few times since we started talking. You keep telling me that “ISKCON’s not really like that anymore.” 1,684 more words

Pseudo Life

The smile on her face
The secret in her heart
Reflection of pain and atrocities in her mysterious eyes
Untold story of broken heart
Zipped lips forever… 91 more words

Poetry / कविता

When darkness falls

Photograph Gustave Le Gray

I saw so much with these eyes,
The sky, the clouds,
The trees bending in the breeze,
But not the clouds that covered your face. 17 more words



Locked away in a delusion
In a world that only she
Perceives to be her normal
Yet is not reality

Held hostage by her mind… 128 more words