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One has to ask …

My attention was caught in passing (while scanning the headlines, actually) through the website of the NZ Herald. The Herald, once affectionately referred to as ‘Granny Herald’ has long dropped its standards … … 283 more words


Cutting once was my life

I used cut not for attention. I used cut not for show. Cutting was the only way that I could see what was happening in my head. 167 more words

I call it life

Some nights don’t end. While my mind sends me on a trip. They call this delusions.

I call it life.

I see things you cannot see. 175 more words

I wish I knew.

I wish I could remember, remember what is means to be normal. Before the mood changes and hallucinations.

I wish I new the cause for my disorder. 127 more words

Inspirational Quotes

The fact that you harbor ill will towards no one doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have enemies who would take great pleasure in seeing you fail. 208 more words

Poetry / Quotes


we do dream.
who is telling us not to?
reality police.
someone’s not paying their dues.
we know enough about this reality to know better. 1,322 more words


Clutter Ninjas

Nothing makes you realize how much unnecessary stuff  you’ve accumulated like having to move. But I will one-up having to move from one house or apartment to another with our current situation of having to pack everything we own into two carry-on suitcases. 393 more words