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Gratitude Journal: Day 49 to 50

The Moon. I am grateful for the moon

A major purpose of the moon is to light up the night. Isn’t that wondrous and glorious. The moon also reflects the light of the sun. 369 more words

Delmarie Hines

Gratitude Journal: Day 50 to 50

I am grateful for the Sun.

The sun’s energy warms the planet, powers the weather and the water cycle, and makes it possible for plants to grow. 189 more words

Delmarie Hines

Gratitude Journal: An Introduction

I started my 51 day countdown to my 50th birthday yesterday so I will do 2 posts today to catch up. I hope you will join me as a I celebrate. 163 more words

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There Is No Cure

I had been feeling sick for a few weeks. I kept telling myself that it was just a cold mixed with being ┬áreally tired. Aren’t all caregivers tired? 416 more words

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For when you're at your wits end - Discussion - Alzheimer's Foundation of America Support Community - Inspire

For when you’re at your wits end

and just can’t take anymore of the repeating, repeating, repeating…the pacing, pacing, pacing…the crying, crying crying…the incontinence…the trying to get out the doors…the wanting to “go home”…the not knowing who you are…the not wanting to take the medications…the not wanting to go to bed…the false accusations…the frustrations…the anger…along with all the other negative/aggravating things they have no control over, I believe I have a solution. 264 more words

Delmarie Hines