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7-Eleven Testing Delivery Service Because Fetching Your Own Microwaved Burritos Is So 2014

Sometimes the Slurpee machine is just… too… far… away. Am I right? Sure, because otherwise why would 7-Eleven be testing a delivery service? Yes, that is a thing that is happening, as we have become a people who can’t even be bothered to microwave our own burritos. 240 more words

Delivery offerings for July 3rd

Greetings my friends!

It’s a short list this week.

Duck eggs $3 for ½ dozen (2 available)

Chicken eggs $4 for a dozen (3 available….maybe another ½ dozen too) 130 more words

Delivery Service

Curbside raises $25 million to deliver to the half-lazy shoppers

Delivery apps that shop for you and then drop off the booty at your doorstep are all the rage these days. But could it be that people still want to swing by a store or mall for their shopping? 646 more words


Walton-Deitrick Marketing Presents... Drinkos.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois, Drinkos Worldwide is a mobile and Web-based e-commerce platform that delivers your favorite local beer, wine, spirits and other festivity necessities right to your door. 304 more words

Delivery options for Friday, June 26

Greetings my friends! In case you’re hungry, here are the offerings for the week.
The rules for the Oak Moon cheeses are that I cannot extend credit for these purchases and need to include sales tax. 429 more words

Delivery Service

Trying Blue Apron Goodness

Ray and I finally caved to trying Blue Apron when the wonderful Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers (a fellow grad of the same high school) raved about it.  While I’ve heard great things, it’s when a fellow blogger gives two massive thumbs up that we get swayed.  And I have to tell you, I’m so glad we did! 337 more words


Credit Card Payments Now Accepted

MERCURY ERRANDS is pleased to announce that accepting our customers’ credit cards is now just a matter of swipe or manual entry for services rendered. … 82 more words

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