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Deleted scenes: WICKED GOOD.


Unforgiving bands of titanium, or fucking kryptonite, or some other unholy hard shit, crisscross my body, holding me cocooned and stuck on my back like a stranded turtle. 895 more words


A Snippet of Things

When you write – okay, when I write a story, there are always pieces that are left on the cutting room floor. Scenes that are deemed useless or redundant, or sometimes little paragraphs, or even full pages and chapters of things that I create for no other reason than to build a backstory for my characters, or to delve deeper inside their heads. 938 more words


Focus - Blu-ray Review

By Anthony Marcusa

For release June 6, 2015

One of the most surprisingly enjoyable films of the year so far comes to home video this week, as a pair of charming leads dazzle and thrill in… 438 more words


A NEW BEGINNING: Editors and Deleted Scenes

Editors can be a tough lot.  And sometimes they are right.  But when they make you delete your darlings, it can be harder than you thought.  688 more words

Deleted Scenes: The World That Forgot How to Dance

You know the fantasy web serial I’m running? The drafting phase of this story definitely took the scenic rout. In the end, there were many scenes that didn’t make the final cut. 445 more words


Where Olivia Receives an Invitation

Because I have no clue what I’m actually doing, I like to just start winging it with my writing. Which almost always leads to a brick wall. 475 more words